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[Intro Question] Visitors – Dream – Colours

26. Visitors

1. Do you often invite friends to visit your home?

Yes, I like to invite friends to visit my home. Sometimes we have get­togethers at home and sometimes when we have to study or make a project, I invite my friends over.

2. Do you like visitors coming to your home?

Yes, I like visitors coming to my home. Its good to have relatives and friends come over and we can spend quality time with each other.

3. Do people often visit you at your home?

Yes, people visit me at home quite often. We have an extended family system that we follow and a lot of my relatives live in the same city. Also, sometimes my friends and neighbors also visit us at home.

4. How often do visitors come to your home?

Visitors come to my home very often, in fact twice or thrice a week.

5. When do visitors come to your home?

When someone has to visit, they usually call ahead and come. There are no specific times when people visit us at home.

like having both my friends and relatives visit me. These days everyone is busy on their routines and so, when anyone visits me, it’s a good way to spend quality time with them.

7. What do you usually do together with your visitors?

When we have visitors over, we usually sit and chat, discuss the day’s happenings or any social or national issues. Sometimes we share jokes and have a good laugh and all this happens usually over of a cup of tea or coffee and some snacks. Sometimes we also have visitors over for lunch or dinner.

8. When someone visits you, how do you usually show hospitality (or, entertain them)?

Hospitality towards visitors is in our culture. In India, guests are treated like God. We show our hospitality by making them feel comfortable and offering them drinks and snacks or food, depending on the time of the day.

27. Dream

1. Do you often have dreams at night?

Yes, I often have dreams at night. Sometimes I have very pleasant dreams, and sometimes I have bad dreams. But I’m not really superstitious about these dreams.

2. Have you had a bad dream before?

Yes, many times I have bad dreams. But I have never seen them turn into reality.

3. What was the strangest dream you have had?

The strangest dream I had was that I am going for my exam, and things are going wrong and I cant reach, and then I get up and feel so relieved that it was a dream.

4. What do you usually dream about?

I dream about weird things. Sometimes I am in Canada in my dreams and sometimes in America. My relatives have told me a lot about Canada and USA, and I keep picturing them in my dreams.

28. Colours

1. What colours do you like?

I like all colors but red is my favorite color.

2. What is the most popular colour in your country? (India)

India is a vast country. It is difficult to generalize one color as the most popular color. I think all colors are equally popular, but the three colors off a national flag are the most popular. Green stands for prosperity, saffron stands for sacrifice and white stands for peace.

3. Do you like to wear dark or bright colours?

I like to dark or bright colors in winters, but in summers I like to wear light shades.

4. Do colours affect your mood?

Yes, colors affect my mood. When I see you bright colors I feel energetic, but light shades make me feel calm.

5. Did color matter to you when you were a child?

Yes, colour mattered to me when I was a child. My mother tells me I always wanted things in red colour. My school bag was always red and my clothes also had shades of red.

6. Does color matter when you buy things?

Yes, definitely. Colour is very important while shopping. I like my clothes in light pastel shades but household items like bed sheets and dinner sets in bright shades.

7. Which color you don’t like to have in your home?

I like all colours but I wouldn’t like grey on the walls of my house because I find grey to be a dull colour.

8. What is the difference between men’s and women’s preference on colours?

There are no gender differences nowadays. Both men and women wear on types of colors.

9. Have you ever seen a rainbow?

Yes, I have seen a rainbow many times. It looks very beautiful. Generally, it is seen in the rainy season. There are seven colors in the rainbow – violet, indigo, Blue, Green, yellow, Orange and red. I feel really happy when I see a rainbow. In Hindu mythology, it is called Indradhanush, or the bow of the Lord indra, the Lord of thunder and lightning.


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