Are you having difficulty in learning Reading and Writing? Don’t worry too much because the whole A Book for IELTS will help you solve this problem!

A Book for IELTS is the famous IELTS preparation book by Sam McCarter. He is a lecturer specializing in academic languages ​​at the university and served as an IELTS examiner. Therefore, you can be completely assured of the content of knowledge shared in the book.

Let’s discover the knowledge that A Book for IELTS brings to learners! Specifically, the content of the book includes:

A detailed introduction to each test section. Besides, the author also shared some other notes about the test such as the test time of each section. These will be good tips and notes to help you do the test according to the judging criteria of the examiner.
Each lesson corresponds to each type of test in the IELTS test.
With the exercise part, the author will divide each form as a lesson so that learners can practice by themselves first.
To help learners compare with the real test and apply the knowledge they have learned, after the lessons and exercises is the IELTS Practice Test.
In each exercise, the author will integrate some test-taking tips to help you apply the test more effectively.
The author focuses on two skills Reading and Writing in the book
The book includes 22 Reading lessons and 24 Writing lessons with practice questions. The author shares carefully about the exam with different types of exercises and exercises for you to apply for the test.
The answer is always at the end of the book with a tapescript for you to check your answers and check your level

Study Guide with A Book for IELTS

In order to understand the information given in the book, you should preview the test structure and learn about the IELTS test sections.
The opening lesson has 4 Listening tests to help you master each section to study.
Listen and copy the information given in the lesson.
Vocabulary system that you hear to save and remember longer.
You should practice writing in the time allotted. Do Task 1 for 20 minutes and do Task 2 for 40 minutes
Practice reading tables and understanding the information presented on them by collecting various types of charts on the Internet
Arrange the study time according to the proposed units and take the practice test.

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