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Pie Charts #25: The charts give information about world forest in five different regions

Task 01: Pie chart

The charts give information about world forest in five different regions.

Model Answer 1 :

The pie charts describe the distribution of forests in five regions and their timber production.

As is shown in the first pie chart, Africa has the largest forest area, occupying 27% of the world forests while the most modest forest coverage is found in Asia with only 14%. North America comes second in the list with their green zone amounting to a quarter of the world forest followed quite distantly by Europe and South America with the percentages being 18% and 16% respectively.

According to the second pie chart, the highest proportion of world timber is taken from North American forests, which contribute 30% of the total global production. In contrast, the most modest timber output is registered for Africa, at only9%. The figures for South America, Europe, and Asia are 23%, 20% and 18% correspondingly.

In general, although North and South America do not make up the majority of the forest area in the world, they produce more than 50% of the total timber. Meanwhile, African forests are the most unproductive in the timber production despite their large area.

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Model Answer 2:

The pie charts compare the percentage of world forests in five different regions around the world and the percentage of timber in each region.

Overall, North America and Africa contain the largest proportion of world forests, while Asia contains the smallest proportion. Furthermore, while North American forests contain the biggest percentage of timber, African forests contain the least.

Together, North America and Africa constitute for over half of the world’s forests, at 25% and 27% respectively. Europe, South America, and Asia all contain similar percentages of world forest, at 18%, 16%, and 14% respectively.

North American forests constitute for almost one-third of world timber supplies, at 30%, while South America constitutes for almost one quarter, at 23%. Despite having a large proportion of world forest, Africa only contains a very small percentage of timber, at 9%. Meanwhile, Europe and Asia make up 20% and 18% of the total timber supply.

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