IELTS Writing Task 2 : Art (Opinion essay)

Task 02: Art

Some people say that art (e.g. painting, music, poetry) can be made by everyone whereas others believe that it can be only made by those with special abilities. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Sample Answer:

While some people believe that everyone has the ability to create art, others believe that only those with special talents are able. Personally, I believe that everyone has the ability to create art, however some people are more naturally gifted than others.

On one hand, creating art is something that everyone can do. However, not every painting will be a masterpiece, nor every song a hit. Whether it is a painting, a song, or a poem, art is the personal expression of the artist, and its quality is subjective to the viewer or listener. For example, while there are many people who believe that the Mona Lisa is a brilliant work of art, there are also many people who do not appreciate it. So, while people may argue over how good a painting or a song is, I believe the main factor that defines whether something is art or not is whether it is a unique expression of the individual who created it, and not about how beautiful or popular it is, and therefore, everyone can create art.

However, creating art may be far easier or enjoyable for those who are naturally gifted or talented, and the art they produce may be appreciated much more by others. Art is about expressing an idea, emotion, or feeling via a specific medium, such as painting or music, and it is much easier for those who are skilled with a paintbrush, a guitar, or the use of language. There are many people who simply become too frustrated and quickly give up because they do not have the skill or patience to be able to express what is inside of them, while those blessed with certain skills are able to express their ideas with ease and grace.

In conclusion, although I believe that everyone has the ability to create art, many people who do not have the natural talent or ability are easily frustrated and therefore give up quickly. However, this does not mean that they cannot create art, they simply lack patience and humility.

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