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Recent IELTS exam questions 20 January 2019

Candidate got following recent IELTS exam questions on 20 January 2019

1. Speaking Part 1

Do you work or study?
What is your morning routine?
How is your routine different from the time you were a child?
What would you change about your current routine?
Do you often travel by car?
When was the last time you used a taxi?

2. Speaking Part 2 (Cue Card)

Describe a faraway place that you would like to visit.
You should say:

What place is it?
Where is it located?
How would you go there?
and explain how would you feel when you visit?

Model  Answer:

OK, I have a predilection for travelling around different countries, so far I have visited 6 nations and many more are coming in the list in the near future. Today, I’d like to talk about the city which is quite far from my place and I have a dream of going there. It is Singapore located below southern Malaysia. It is an island-city which attracted a wide range of tourist each year. Last year there were 2.8 million tourists visited. This city is also a global financial center with a multinational population and tropical climate. It is also the biggest hub for ship repair service.

Currently, I am a resident of Dubai which is in the United Arab Emirates, For me, it will take approximately 8-9 hours of air travel without any stops. Even though there is a Marin way from Dubai to Singapore, due to it takes significant time only air travel is a good option for me. There are many other options also available based on your location. For example, if you are in Bangkok you have four options; first is by direct flights, second by road with your own transport, third by train which passes from Malaysia and lastly by ship. If you are in Australia, then you have only two options, by flights and ship.

Overall, I can say that Singapore is my next destination despite the fact that it is far away. I think once I will be there, I would feel like I am living a luxuries life, but of course, I will also have a sense of extravagant living style as it is an expensive country.

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3. Speaking Part 3

How do people in your country spend their vacations?
Is it important to learn about different cultures?
How does tourism affect your country?
What are the benefits of tourism in your country?

Special thanks to Tamara for providing us with these questions after her exam.


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