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Speaking Part 2 – Describe a family member you admire (Family & Friends)

Describe a family member you admire

You should say:

  • Who this person is
  • How this person looks
  • What you usually do with this person
  • And why you admire this person.

Sample answer band 8 +

I’d like to talk about my beloved grandpa – the one whom I look up to the most in my extended family. His name is Phuu, which is an extremely uncommon name in Vietnam. I think it kind of makes sense because if I had to choose one word to describe my grandpa, it must definitely be: special.

My grandpa’s already special right from his impressive appearance, which can even be intimidating sometimes. He’s taller than most people from his generation, and he often keeps a serious face no matter how he’s feeling. We often joke that our grandpa could easily scare a person to death just by his razor sharp eyes and penetrating gaze. But apart from the frightening first impression he unintentionally creates, my grandpa also has a softer side that only those who’re close to him can see and appreciate.

The last memento I have of my grandpa is a family photo taken in his 80th birthday, which always puts a smile on my face no matter how many times I have seen it. In the photo, my grandpa was sitting next to his wife and children with happiness glowing in his face. He has a radiant smile which makes him even more attractive and I think it runs in the family. His eyes were sparkling and the corners of his eyes wrinkled. It’s hard to imagine he was already in his 80s in the photo since he looks so young.

Back when he was younger, my grandpa was a charming man. My grandma told me that she fell in love with his great charisma and rebellious character. Being born in a quite wealthy family, he soon found interest in composing poems in different formats, and he taught me a lot about this. We used to spend an entire Saturday afternoon discussing a famous artwork, and then even writing our own adaptations. When I was a kid, I thought doing and appreciating literary arts was just a fun thing to do. But as I grew up, I realized it’s more than just an enjoyable pastime.

As for why I admire my grandpa … well to put it simply, he’d always been my childhood hero, and a true role model when I grow up. Since his first wife passed away, he had to bear so many responsibilities. However, he’d never been too strict or overprotective towards his children, and is always willing to hear their opinions about family matters. Perhaps the most precious lesson I’ve learned from my grandpa is how to adopt a more objective and optimistic perspective towards everything. When conflicts occur, he always encourages us to find solutions rather than blaming each other for the problem. The funny stories he told us in every family get-together always have a nice blend of humour and profundity, which makes them all the more relatable and meaningful.

As remarkable as my grandpa’s life had been, as with everything in this world, it must sadly come to an end. He passed away 5 years ago after nearly 10 years fighting off a terminal disease, and bid us farewell in the embrace of our family members. Although he is no longer here, I can still feel his powerful presence in every single thing we do. I wouldn’t be where I am now without his profound influence, and although he’s gone from this world, I believe his legacy will live on for many generations.


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