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Speaking Part 2 – Describe a happy family you know (Family & Friends)

Describe a happy family you know.

You should say

  • Who they are
  • How you know about them
  • Why you think they are a happy family
  • And how you think about this family.

Sample Answer Band 8+

I’d like to talk about a happy family of two of my closest friends – Douglas and Denise. They’ve been married for 2 years with a daughter named Joanna. I had the honor to witness their inspiring journey from beginning to end, and I think they deserve every bit of happiness they’re having.

I met Doug and Denise 5 years ago in a gaming convention in Poland. They’re both very talented voice actors, and share the same passion for acting as well as video games. We got on really well and I can’t help thinking that they’re meant to be together. I mean it’s hard not to notice the palpable chemistry between Doug and Denise. They interact with each other in such a dynamic way, and the way they mock each other, banter back and forth … just speaks so much about their charisma and the unbreakable bonds between them. So 2 years ago, to the surprise of absolutely no one, Doug and Denise got married. I had the privilege of becoming Doug’s best man in their wedding and their daughter’s godfather, which really meant the world to me.

I admire Doug and Denise for not only the harmonious relationship between them, but also their way of overcoming challenges. As with any couples, Doug and Denise have to deal with many conflicts, especially considering how strong their egos are. However, when problems occur, their arguments always focus on how to settle things up rather than blaming each other. Their words might sometimes be harsh, but never too offensive, and I rarely hear them throwing any personal attacks at one another. Sometimes, I genuinely felt amazed at how well Doug and Denise manage to put aside their differences for the greater good. But I think the answer is simple: No matter how bad things might be, their love always shines, even at the darkest times.

I also learned a lot from the way Doug and Denise educate their daughter. Although Doug deeply cares about his “little Swallow”, (cheesy, I know) he’s never too strict or overprotective towards Joanna. He allows his little girl just the right amount of freedom to learn for herself, and only shows up when the need arises. While Joanna’s strong and independent character was shaped by her dad, her compassion was influenced by her mom. When I first saw Denise teaching her daughter, I was surprised by how feminine and calm she was. You see, Denise often come off as a pretty intimidating woman with her cheeky attitude and sharp wit. However, when she’s near her loved ones, she shows a much softer side in her character. No matter how busy she is, Denise still tries her best to seize every moment spent with Joanna, and her face’s always glowing with fulfillment when being with her “beautiful ugly one”. Yup, that’s how Joanna’s mom called her. Typical Denise!

Sometimes, oh no actually a lot of times, I can’t help feeling jealous of Doug and Denise. Their family is filled with joy, affection and wholesomeness – something I deeply admire, and envy at the same time. Their “fairy tale” not only taught me a lot about how to maintain a healthy relationship, but also represent everything I want to have in my future family.

Source : zim.vn


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