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Talk about your hobby – (Listening to music)

“Talk about your hobby” is a topic that appear on the IELTS test. The interviewer can also bring up this topic during a college entrance interview or job application.

Listening to music

You should say:
– How long have you been doing it?
– How often do you do it?
– What benefits do you get from it?
And explain why you enjoy it?

Sample Answer

Yeah, one hobby that I’m really interested in is listening to music. You know, this is so common among people all over the world. I’ve been listening to music for 20 years since I was in kindergarten. I still remember vividly the time when my junior teacher played a song by Kaithy. In case you didn’t know, she was a talented singer that most Vietnamese children admired in the past 30 years. 

I would say that I listen to different music genres depending on different occasions. I often listen to jazz and soul music without lyrics when working or before sleeping. Fortunately, my company often plays jazz music to boost our focus and productivity, so I feel like I’m working in a peaceful coffee shop rather than a professional workplace. I have to admit that they’re really helpful for those who do meditation or want to improve their concentration. This is simply due to the pleasant melody that keeps us staying focused. Moreover, such kinds of music help me find inner peace and overcome mental disorders like sleep deprivation or distraction.

I also listen to sad songs when I’m heartbroken or stressed out. You know, they have psychological healing effects that can help me recover from my anxiety and depression. However, some of my friends prefer listening to rock music with a strong melody that is often played in bars or public events. I honestly couldn’t stand it. 

I think the benefits of music are endless, mostly about psychology and mentality, and everyone has their own go-to music genre depending on their personalities.


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