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TOP 10 topic appear in IELTS Writing Task 2 (Part 3)


It is a natural process for animal species to become extinct (e.g. Dinosaur, dodos …) There is no reason why people should try to prevent this from happening. Do you agree or disagree?


Some people believe that there are no compelling reasons for us to protect animal species from extinction as it occurs naturally. I personally disagree with this conviction and will support my argument in the essay below.

It is true that millions of years ago, many ancient species of animals, such as dinosaurs, were wiped out due to a gradual shift in climate and changing sea levels, according to some hypotheses. However, these environmental factors are not the primary contributor to the disappearance of certain species nowadays. Industrial activities have been devastating the natural habitats of wildlife and disturbing the food chain, causing the mass extinction of countless species. The increased demand for goods made from animals’ products, such as skins and horns, also leads to the rampant poaching of wild, endangered animals, rhinos for instance. In this regard, humans are held accountable and should do what is needed to rectify the situation.

Other justifications for saving wild animals involve the significant roles that they play in not only the balance of the ecosystem but also our lives. Everything in nature is connected, and if one species becomes extinct, many other animals and even plants will suffer as the food chain is disrupted. Wild animals also have great aesthetic and socio-cultural values. They contribute to our rich bio-diversity that makes this planet a beautiful place. In numerous places around the world, many types of animals play an important role in different cultures. For example, in some religions, cows are revered and worshiped as gods.

The disappearance of many animal species does not always occur as a natural process but as a consequence of our doings. It is our obligation to help preserve wild animals because their extinction will have a severe influence on many important aspects of our lives.


Students leave high school without learning the way how to manage their money. What are the reasons and solutions of this issue?

Sample band 8+:

There is a common problem among high school graduates these days where students are leaving school without any knowledge or skill in personal money management. This essay will outline a number of reasons for this trend and a number of possible solutions to help tackle the issue.

Firstly, one of the main causes of this problem is that the majority of high school students live with their parents and are completely financially dependent upon them. Most students do not need to work to earn money while at high school, as their parents pay for all their needs, and therefore do not gain any understanding about the realities of earning and saving money. Usually, the only money that students receive is from their parents and this is typically in the form of pocket-money, which is given with the intent of it being spent. Therefore, young people only really learn how to spend money, and not how to earn, save or manage it wisely.

However, there are a number of viable solutions to help students deal with this problem. Firstly, basic money management skills could be included as a compulsory subject for students in their high school years, which would help equip them with the knowledge and skills to manage their own personal finances when they leave school, move out of home and enter employment. The second possible step that could be taken to help curb this problem is through education at home.  Parents need to take responsibility to make sure that their children are adequately educated in such matters to ensure their children maintain a successful and independent financial situation after graduating and leaving home.

In conclusion, although money management is a problem for a lot of school leavers, there are a number of viable solutions to counteract this problem.


The increase in the production of consumer goods results in damage to the natural environment. What are the causes of this? What can be done to solve this problem?

Sample band 8+:

Nowadays, as more consumer goods are manufactured, more damage has been inflicted on the environment. I will outline several reasons for this and put forward some measures to this issue.

First of all, the increase in the production of consumer products harms the environment in two ways: the chemical by-products from the manufacturing process and the mass production of disposable goods. As more goods are produced, more toxic wastes and emissions are released from factories into nature. Water sources are contaminated, and the air is severely polluted, which results in the deaths of many marine and terrestrial animals. Also, to accommodate customers’ ever-increasing demands, more single-use products are introduced, most of which are non-biodegradable. Though having a short lifespan, these products can remain as wastes for thousands of years, turning our planet into a huge landfill and posing a threat to the living habitats of all creatures.

Actions must be taken as soon as possible to minimize the negative impacts on the environment arising from the increasing amount of consumer goods. First, companies should promote the use of eco-friendlier materials. For example, the giant coffee chain Starbucks has recently replaced plastic straws with reusable alternatives made of materials like paper or bamboo. In addition, many governments are also encouraging the development of more sustainable manufacturing processes. For instance, many states in the U.S offer tax breaks and incentives for businesses using renewable energy, and some firms are even allowed to purchase green energy at cheaper prices than traditional fossil fuels.

In conclusion, there are two main reasons why the environment is severely impacted by the increase in the production of consumer goods. To address this issue, governments and companies must join hands to make the production lines more environmentally friendly by switching to greener materials.


Some people feel that manufacturers and supermarkets have the responsibility to reduce the amount of packaging of goods. Others argue that customers should avoid buying goods with a lot of packaging.
Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Sample band 8+:

While some people think that it is the responsibility of producers and suppliers to
reduce product packaging, others feel that the responsibility lies with consumers. This
essay will analyse both sides of the argument.

On one hand, I believe that companies do have a significant responsibility to limit the
amount of packaging that they package their products in. One reason for this is that
many consumers have very little awareness about the negative impacts that the
excessive amounts of product packaging are having on the environment; therefore,
manufacturers and supermarkets need to minimise the amount of plastic packaging
that is used to store and sell their products, or preferably use only biodegradable,
recyclable, or environmentally friendly materials
. In addition, many people cannot
afford to be selective about which products they buy, which is a further reason why all
companies need to be more responsible.

On the other hand, individuals also have a responsibility to protect the environment
from further destruction and pollution by limiting their consumption of products that are
packaged in non-biodegradable materials. By boycotting certain products from
companies who are not being environmentally responsible, consumers can put
pressure on these companies to change their attitude towards the materials that they
use to package their products. As a result, companies will be forced to act more
environmentally responsible by changing and reducing product packaging.
Consumers have the power to bring about change, but must act together in order for
it to happen.

In conclusion, companies and individuals both need to take responsibility for the
amount of packaging that is used to package goods.The government also needs to
play a significant role in this issue by creating and enforcing laws that companies
must adhere to with regards to plastic packaging, and by educating individuals about
the environmental destruction and pollution caused by packaging waste.


Many developing countries are currently expanding their tourism industries. Why is this the case? Is it a positive development?

Sample band 8+:

These days, many poorer countries are focusing their efforts on developing and
promoting their tourism industries. There are some reasons for this, and I believe this
can be a positive development, despite numerous drawbacks that can arise.

Personally, I believe that the primary reason for developing tourism in a country is due
to the economic benefits that it brings. A well-developed tourism industry creates a lot
of new businesses and jobs for local people, and an influx of money from foreign
tourists. In addition to this, promoting international tourism can help to improve
international relations with other countries, and to share a country’s customs and
with people all around the world. Many people these days are interested in
learning about different cultures and ways of living, and tourism helps to facilitate this

However, there are a number of drawbacks that arise from the expansion of a country’s
tourism industry. For example, in many countries in South East Asia, tourism has been
a major cause of environmental pollution and destruction. For example, most tourists
generally drink bottled water when on holiday, and this creates mountains of plastic
every year. Many developing countries do not have appropriate recycling
and do not know how to deal with the waste, and therefore, it commonly ends
up littered throughout the countryside, rivers, seas, beaches and oceans. Furthermore,
the invasion of tourists into certain places can disrupt the local wildlife and
ecosystems, causing further environmental damage.

In conclusion, I would have to say that expanding the tourism industry in a country is
a positive development if it is properly managed, and the environmental and cultural
are closely monitored and minimised.


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