Top 10 topics IELTS Speaking Part 1 with answer (Part 1)

IELTS Speaking Part 1

Question – Answer

Topic 1: Work/ Study

Question 1: Are you a student or do you work?

Answer: I’m a student at Foreign Trade University, which is located on Chua Lang street. My school is about 5 kilometers away from where I live.

Question 2: Do you enjoy what you study?

Answer: Not really. I don’t think what I’m learning is practical and there is always a lot of homework and deadlines. But my friends at school are really nice. They are the main reason that I go to class.  

Topic 2: Accommodation

Question 1: Are you living in a house or a flat?

Answer: Currently I’m renting a flat on Phao Dai Lang Street. It’s not so far from my workplace, only about 2 kilometers.

Question 2: How long have you been living there?

Answer: Less than a year. Before I moved to this flat, I was living with my parents but it’s too far from my workplace and the traffic there was always terrible. It took me a long time to find this place but I’m pretty happy with it now.

Question 3: If you could change something about your neighborhood, what would it be?

Answer: Hmm… That’s an interesting question. Actually I’ve never thought of this before.
My neighborhood is pretty good I think. It’s quite civilized, and the location is convenient for me to travel to work. I don’t think I would change anything.  

Topic 3: Holiday

Question 1: Are there a lot of holidays in Vietnam?

Answer: Let me see…quite a lot. I mean, there’re holidays almost every month, and sometimes these holidays are to celebrate the most ridiculous things. But I’m fine with that, you know, I have more days off from work!

Question 2: What do Vietnamese people like to do during their holidays?

Answer: I think most Vietnamese people want to stay at home to relax and recover from their busy schedules at work and school. I also notice that some families in the city often go on a picnic during these days.

Topic 4: Patience

Question 1: Are you a patient person?

Answer: Yes I am. But I used to be a very hot-tempered kid who always got annoyed if someone kept me waiting even for 10 minutes.

Question 2: Have you ever lost your patience?

Answer: I sometimes lose my patience when I’m stuck in traffic for hours after a hard day’s work or I’m constantly interrupted by my family members while working in my room.

Question 3: When do you need patience the most?

Answer: Well, being impatient can cause undesirable results, for example, when studying English, you need to build up your knowledge day by day, but sometimes you have to take some rest. So, I think I need to be patient when learning a new language.  

Topic 5: Colour

Question 1: What is your favourite colour?

Answer: When I was growing up, I guess blue was my favourite colour. I don’t know why, but I always really liked things that were dark blue. These days though, I tend to have a preference for green things. So I suppose green and blue are the colours that I like most.

Question 2: Did you like that colour when you were small?

Answer: As I mentioned, I always liked dark blue when I was young, but green is something that I started to like just a couple of years ago.

Question 3: Is the colour of your car or motorbike important? Why?

Answer: Yes, and no. I mean, I don’t really care what colour it is; however, I wouldn’t really like to have a pink motorbike. Pink is a little bit too feminine for me. These days I have a black motorbike, which I think is a good colour for it.  

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