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Top 30 Vocabulary : Topic TECHNOLOGY

1. to be computer-literate
Meaning: able to use computers well
Example: In today’s competitive job market, it is essential to be computerliterate.

2. to computerize something
Meaning: to provide a computer or computers to do the work
Example: The factory has been fully computerized, enabling it to produce more efficiently.

3. advances in technology
Meaning: the improvement or development in technology
Example: Recent advances in medical technology are making a great contribution to the search for a cure for Aids.

4. to download podcasts
Meaning: to save a copy of a file from the internet to your own device
Example: Computer technology is extremely useful for learning a new language. I often download podcasts to improve my listening skills.

5. video conferencing
Meaning: to see and discuss with people in different locations using the Internet.
Example: In the worlds of business and education, video conferencing has enabled people to exchange ideas without travelling across the world.

6. the college intranet
Meaning: a network of computers within a college that can only be accessed by the staff and students to set and mark work, enter into contact etc.
Example: Distance learning in education has been made possible by innovations such as the college intranet system.

7. silver surfer
Meaning: an old person who spends a lot of time using the Internet
Example: Although young people are often more computer-literate than the older generation, nevertheless there are many silver surfers who use the internet all the time.

8. a technological breakthrough
Meaning: an important new discovery in technology
Example: The development of the micro-chip was atechnological breakthrough which transformed the way in which people communicate.

9. discourage real interaction
Meaning: to result in less face-to-face communication with other people
Example: the availability of new communication technologies may also have the result of isolating people and discouraging real interaction.

10. leading-edge technology
Meaning: the most advanced position in technology
Example: Manufacturers of electronic devices always advertise their products as having the latest leading-edge/cutting-edge technology.

11. to become obsolete
Meaning: to be no longer used because something new has been invented
Example: Technological innovation is now so rapid, that even the latest electronic devices soon become obsolete.

12. the digital revolution
Meaning: the advancement of technology to the digital technology available today
Example: The digital revolution has fundamentally changed the way that people work, communicate, behave and even think.

13. labour-saving appliances
Meaning: machines that reduce the amount of work or effort needed to do something.
Example: The technological revolution in the home started with the introduction of labour-saving appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers.

14. to apply something to something
Meaning: to use something or make something work in a particular situation
Example: The new technology applied to farming has led to a huge reduction in the agricultural workforce.

15. to gain access to the internet/to access the internet
Meaning: to have the opportunity to use the internet
Example: Millions of people are able to access the internet in cafes, libraries or other public places.

16. wireless technologyMeaning: using radiowaves to transmit information, rather than wires
Examples: Wireless technology has enabled places such as hotels, airports and coffee shops to offer wi-fi connection to customers wishing to access the internet.

17. e-commerce
Meaning: buying and selling products or services using the internet
Example: Businesses which rely on e-commerce make huge savings on offices, retail outlets and rents paid to landlords who own high-street properties.

18. online shopping
Meaning: shopping while connected to the internet
Example: For people who are physically disabled, or even for people who are simply very busy, online shopping is convenient and may also be cheaper.

19. to go viral
Meaning: to become very popular on the internet
Example: One reason why people sometimes talk about ‘the global village’ is that an image or news on the internet sometimes goes viral and is seen by millions of people worldwide.

20. computer hackers
Meaning: people who find a way of looking at or changing information secretly on somebody’s computer system
Example: One disadvantage of computers is that computer hackers may be able to discover your personal details, such as bank account information.

21. online scams
Meaning: clever and dishonest plans using the internet in order to make money.
Example: Many internet users have been victims of online scams, paying money for goods or services that do not exist or are worthless.

22. to microwave something
Meaning: to cook or heat food very quickly in a microwave oven
Example: The food industry was quick to adapt to the demands of customers who wanted to microwave ready meals after coming home from work.

23. a smart card
Meaning: a small plastic card used to make payments and to store information, which can be read when connected to a computer system.
Example: People rarely need to visit a bank these days, and it is easy and convenient to make purchases using your smart card.

24. supermarket checkouts
Meaning: the place where you go to pay for the things that you have bought
Example: Personal service in shops has been replaced by the impersonal experience of superstore shopping and queues at supermarket checkouts.

25. driverless vehicles
Meaning: cars, buses and other vehicles that have the technology to drive themselves, without a person in control
Example: The first driverless vehicles have already been invented and will soon be seen on the roads.

26. text-messaging
Meaning: the act of sending written messages using a mobile/cell phone
Example: The ability to write using accurate grammar is declining, partly as a result of text-messaging instead of writing letters.

27. robotics technology
Meaning: the design, construction and operation of robots
Example: There are examples of robotics technology everywhere, from space programs to manufacturing. be in its infancy
Meaning: to be in the early development of something
Example: It is clear that robotics technology is still in its infancy, and it is impossible to imagine the possible future developments.

29. to be superseded by
Meaning: to be replaced by something which is better
Example: The latest technological innovations are usually soon superseded by new and more advanced devices.

30. to become over-reliant on
Meaning: to need something so that your survival or success depends too much on it
Example: Businesses have become over-reliant on complicated computer systems, so that if these systems fail the results will be disastrous.


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