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Two-way discussion : Eating Habits

  • Tell me about the types of food that people eat in your country.
    Well, having foods is the most important issue to live on and there is a wide range of foods available across the world to meet the daily need of the beings on this planet.
    People in Greece usually take prepared and cooked foods of different items. You might know that the use of olive oil is a common issue for us. Besides, the cooks prefer applying lemon juice on the cooking process to bring a different taste and flavour. The very common food items of Greece include grains, different types of bread including loaves and dried bread, herbs, fish, meats, pork, rabbit, and poultry items etc. To prepare bread, the cooks usually require wheat and sometimes barley is also applied to the process. Besides, wine is another ever-present item in line with desserts. To prepare foods, the cooks need olives, yogurt, cheese and some other necessary spices and ingredients to raise the taste. The deserts are filled with honey and sometimes nuts of a wide category are also applied for variation.
  • How are the eating habits now in your country different from eating habits in the past?
    Thank you for allowing me the explanation of the eating habits of my country, Greece. The history of eating habits dates back to a long ago. You know that Greece is a historical country and the eating habits have been changed accordingly. With the development of time and culture, the food menus have greatly been changed and influenced by the foods of other nations. Earlier, people used to take different herbs and only one or two types of meats during their meals and bread in breakfast. But now the scenario has altered. I think you are aware that the Greeks are to remain busy during the daytimes and thus they take food out of home mostly for lunch.
  • How healthy is your country’s food?
    Ummm! If you ask how healthy the foods are, the answer is they are 100 percent healthy. You can have the foods without any second thought. You’ll be happy to know that when the foods are prepared, the issue of hygiene and nutrition is checked for several times by the cooks. Regarding the restaurants, sometimes the owners cross check the preparations process and it is stricter at homes. So, there are no scopes to worry about the health issues related to the Greek foods. For the extraordinary and careful preparation process, the Greek restaurants attract more clients than any other European restaurants.
  • Why do you think different cultures have different table manners?
    I’m not sure if you are asking about the daily manners or the manners for special events. But both of the manners are different among the diversified cultures of the world. To me, it appears that the table cultures are different in regions for several reasons. The first and important thing is that geographical locations have profound impacts on the table manners. The majority of the Asian people prefer taking foods using their fingers while the Europeans prefer forks, spoons and knives. It is done based on the types of foods. When the foods are larger is size, shape and hard then you are to take your share by cutting from the large food piece using the knife while when the size is smaller you can take the foods using spoons, fingers or chopsticks.
  • How may eating habits change in coming decades?
    With the culinary tradition of around 4000 years, Greece has experienced different changes in its cuisine with the passage of time and you are well informed that the coming days will be busier than the present days. Thereby, the Greeks will have less time to cook and have foods. They may start depending on professional food providers to get their daily meals. So, the foods may not be the same as it is today. People may move to quick-made foods like burgers, pizza, chips instead of traditional food items.


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