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Two-way discussion : Education

  • How are education priorities today different from those in the past?
    Well, thank you for the question and you might be informed that India is advancing technologically in line with the other developed countries and therefore, education is a burning issue for us.
    To be frank, over the priority of education, I have to recall the past days of my country. India has a long glorious past and been ruled by different rulers and regimes. The importance of education did not get chances to rise before 1947. When we received independence from the British rulers, the necessity of education started appearing. But education bloomed after the 1960s in India for several reasons. To maintain the state, the government needed some educated employees. But in the current days, survival without education is impossible in a word. You cannot think of a decent life or standard living features in India if you lack the required level of education. Education has become more important in the current days rather than the previous years. The importance of education has been done by the necessity, population growth and the desire to sustain amid thousands. I think you will agree with me on the issue that it is an extremely concerning issue for us. In past, the needs were less while the people did not need education at an advanced level to meet their needs. But the scenario is just the opposite today.
  • What is your opinion on the way languages are taught in schools?
    This is a serious question, I think, as learning a language is an important thing for communication. If the learners are not taught the language perfectly, they surely will fail to communicate with others and express their opinions. But there is nothing to get worried about the teaching methods. The teachers are skilled and well trained to teach a language. Sometimes they use the audio-visual methods to make the language learning easier while they also arrange different situations where the kids or student are to participate in interpersonal ways to discuss. It helps them to get a good command over the language and builds the base. This is the common ways to teach a language in the educational institutions. There are some other special ways to teach the language to the kids and people with disabilities.
  • How can the type of school you go to affect career success?
    In the present world, unemployment is a great problem and there is no exact remedy for this problem found yet. So, picking a career never depends on the subject you are studying. Actually, the subjects or courses you study may not be helpful in your career. For instance, you are a student of science background, and accordingly achieved the highest degree in science but when you are in your career track you have to choose something that is different from your academic background. You won’t believe that I know some people who could not shine following their academic setting rather their potential have been improved when they gave up the track after their academic studies. Career success is a different thing and you are to agree with me on this issue. It’s my own belief that people cannot be successful in career for their hard efforts and studies in schools rather it is based on your attempts to gain success.
  • What changes do you think will happen in the classroom in the near future?
    Hmmmm! This is an important question and cannot be described in few words. Firstly you have to realise the setting of the country and how it evaluates education. India is a rapidly growing economy and thus it needs educated and skilled hands to perform and meet the wide varieties of needs. Thereby, on that point of view, the education system may experience a massive change in the near future. It may happen like that the hard copy books may get replaced with the e-books. Examinations and evaluations may also be changed. Still today we are answering exams by writing and appearing on the exam centres, and someday the exams may be on open books system or you can have the option to answer it by e-mail. Please do not take my thoughts as granted, I’m talking about possibilities.


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