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Two-way discussion : Tourism

  • What are some famous tourist spots in your country?
    Thank you for the question. Malaysia, the South Asian country is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and millions of tourists come every year to visit the places. Malaysia has a wide range of attractive tourist spots for the global visitors. The country two special beaches for both the native and tourist naming – Batu Ferringhi beach and Port Dickinson. The beaches are accessible around the day and visitors crowd on the beach, take photos and make lots of fun. Some of the historical buildings have also been used as popular tourist destinations and some of the notable such places are A Famosa, Sultan Abdul Samad Building, Malacca Christ Church etc.  Besides, the islands of the country are also famous for their breathtaking beauty. There are three islands including Tioman, Pangkor and Langkawi. The islands are always crowded with tourist from home and abroad. Besides, the museums of Malaysia are the other great source of entertainment for the tourists to gather knowledge about the country and its history.

    The museums are decorated with the valuable natural and artificial relics of different ages and they represent the then society and culture. If you want to pass a long vacation in the country, you can hire different resorts with all modern facilities and can enjoy your vacation in Malaysia. Besides, shopping is a fun in the country and the three shopping districts will offer you a large number of shopping malls and spaces to get the right thing for you. Besides, the Petronas Twin Towers is the other tourist destination in the country. This is one of the exciting places for the foreign nationals and most of the times they take snapshots of them before the superstructure. Further, there are some theme parks available to entertain all types of travellers. The rides and surrounding environment of the parks are adorable and breathtaking.

  • What are the impacts of tourism in your country?
    Well, tourism has many things to do with the country. Though the country is economically sound and does not need an external assistance, the tourism has been favouring the state in many ways. Firstly, it is creating employment opportunity for the unemployed and unskilled people ate the tourist spots. The visitors are getting their necessary things from the local product sellers which are a kind of employment for them. If there were no tourist, there would have no chances for the employment. Besides, the tourists are spending inside the country which means they are consuming our products and thus we need to grow more products which help raise the country’s GDP. Moreover, the Malaysian products travel around the globe through the tourists (after they get the products from Malaysia, they expose them in different places) which is a kind of advertisement for us. It helps raising our fame and also the demand for the products rise to some extent. Another matter should be brough into consideration – cleanliness. As tourists come to visit the natural spots and other visiting places, those parts are kept clean which is helpful to protect the environment. Wastes are disposed in specific areas and the cleaners also try their best to remove the wastes which result in a cleaner environment. So, tourism also helps to keep the country clean.
  • What are the positive impacts of tourism in your country?
    Umm! I think basically we have three notable impacts of tourism for my country. They include the environmental impacts, impacts on the economy and socio-cultural impacts. Each of the impacts plays an important role in the advancement of the country. Earlier, I have said that tourism has some impacts on the economy and have explained how it helps to grow. Tourism helps to grow the local and small entrepreneurship inside the country. It encourages the locals to produce more and more products as per the demands of the tourists. If we consider the socio-cultural impacts, we will found that some of the cultures and events of Malaysia are being celebrated in the other parts of the world. How is it happening? In fact, the tourists who come visiting the state, they take the cultures way back to their home and if that appears too funny or enjoyable for them, they spread that among the surroundings. This is the unique way to spread the Malaysian tradition in the other countries. The quality of the environment including the artificial and natural is kept in a sound state so that it could satisfy the visitors. When the visitors come to an attractive place, they usually are amazed at the very first sight. Environment plays the key role in this case. Thereby, I think all these three aspects help to improve Malaysia and in the future and the rate of improvement will be accelerated as well.
  • What are the negative impacts of tourism in your country?
    Nothing in the world comes without any negativity and similarly, tourism has some specific negative impacts on Malaysia. But the rates of the negative impacts are almost similar to the positive aspects. You know when the tourists come from different parts of the globe, a large chunk of them are careless to the surrounding environment. As a result, the cause damage to the landscape. Sometimes the tourists make the campfire on the beaches but they do not clean the space when they leave which is unusual. Consequently, the specific land is to bear the negative impacts. Sometimes, traffic congestions occur inside the city which becomes intolerable in certain cases for the natives. The other important aspect is that the price of the local goods becomes too expensive for the locals. Sometimes the needy Malaysian people even cannot bear the expenses of the necessary items as those are sold to the tourists only at a higher price. Housing in the tourist areas also become expensive for the natives and everything is dealt on a commercial basis. At times, in the beach areas, employment becomes seasonal. The employees are even not paid a higher remuneration as well comparing the other small jobs. Besides the government has to make infrastructures for the tourists and visitors and consequently, the tax on the common people get a hike. Sometimes there are few misunderstandings with the tourists which create an awkward situation in the spots. So, I think these are the detrimental impacts of tourism but should not be considered as harmful to the country. Proper initiatives and guidelines will remove the troubles, I think.
  • What do you think are the reasons people visit new places?
    Ummm! There are several reasons for people’s visiting different places. I think you cannot think of the travelling benefits. Mostly they want to know the unknown and see the unseen. Travelling is one of the greatest things to enjoy in life. There are certain seasons for travelling like summer or winter and people set out to have a trip around the world. When people go from one place to another, they experience a good number of things which were unseen to them before the trip. Travelling in new places is highly enjoyable and provides many things to the travellers. When people explore the places, they earn a priceless knowledge. They know the real world and experience the real things which were on their books. Gradually, our knowledge level increases than the ordinary people. People enjoy the places and explore different cultures where they go. Sometimes they try adopting the cultures in their own lives. But the most important thing is that travelling removes stress from the life. When you will go for travelling abroad, all your stress and mental anxiety will go down to level zero. As a result, you will be energised to start your responsibilities when you are back. Memory is an important thing that people have from their travelling. Memories never die. And the memories of travelling help to remember the joyful day when you are passing a gloomy climate in your real life.
  • What can you tell about the future of tourism industry in your country?
    Smart question! Well, Malaysia is blooming every day. Tourism has become one of the important sectors of the country and based on the sector, different initiatives have been adopted in the country and some are in the pipeline. In future, if the ideas are implemented, the tourism will be cheaper and easier for both the local and foreign nationals. Most of the cases, accommodation in expensive resorts or hotels become troublesome for the tourists and they also cannot afford the prices of the knickknacks. It the Malaysian government takes proper initiatives to solve the issues, more and more travellers will make a stop in the country. The beaches are beautiful indeed but the surrounding regions need renovations. It should be done by the private initiatives and the number of affordable resorts and hotels should be increased. I think the government will take measures over the issue. Besides, it will improve the local productions and more employment will be created. In fact, it is the tourists who promote the local products in the international arena and they should be taken care of properly.


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