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Two-way discussion : Technology and Life

  • What are the differences between the life in the past and at the present?
    Well, this is a grave question indeed. Life is a continuously changing process and changes every now and then. A large number of changes have taken place in the current days comparing the past. We are living in the advanced world and everything has been mechanised here. But earlier, people were not so much robotic and had enough time to pass with the near and dear ones. The most important inventions in this age are the computers and the internet which I think have revolutionised the entire system. Travelling was too difficult in the past days and it took long times to reach from one place to another. Vehicles were not so common and people used to travel on horses or carts and sometimes they walked long distances to reach the destination. But in the current days, most of the people have their own cars and mass transportations system is also popular and there are different types of modes as well. If we consider the social issues and families, there are also notable changes. Earlier, the numbers of extended families were prevalent but now they have been almost extinct from the society. Nuclear families are on the rise and most of the parents are living alone.

    Besides, the cultural changes are substantial and the East is trying to follow the West and also adopting their lifestyles. As a result, there are some cultural conflicts among the people. Besides, the life in the current days is enjoying more modern benefits regarding medical facilities. The number of deaths caused by diseases has been reduced to a great extent comparing to the past days. The use of electronic gadgets and equipment is also on the rise in the current days. Besides, the use of cellular phones (mobile phones) and television is also upping now which was not as much usual as it is in the current days. The life in the modern days is made comfortable with the use of technology which was not available in the past days.

  •  What are the impacts of electrical equipment on human’s life in the past ten years?
    Umm! A good number of electrical equipment and tools have been invented and those are influencing human lives. The most notable electronic equipment are television, mobile phone, refrigerator, electric oven, electric iron, computer, cassette players etc. All those have dominated the human lives and still, they are dominating. The use of mobile phones is on the increase for several reasons and people cannot do without it for a single moment. It helps greatly to communicate around the world. The computer is the other electronic equipment and has lifted the civilisation to another extent. The use of computers is found everywhere. The impacts are great and people also cannot do without it for a single day. It is used in almost all types of work from designing a rocket to designing a piece of a needle. The equipment has influenced us greatly. Today, if we want to play a song, now we can play that on our computer or on our mobile phones but in the past days, the songs were played on cassette players. Both the equipment belong to the electronic category and have benefitted us in many ways. Further, we need to carry our mobile phones always with us for different purposes and it is a must for us in the current days. When there were no mobile phones, people communicated with each other (though that consumed more time) but now they can do it easily through the mobile phones. In fact, different electrical equipment have made life easier and comfortable for us. The importance and benefits done by those tools and equipment cannot be described in words.
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of computer and internet?
    Well, I think you are well informed that there is nothing in the world with negative impacts. Everything has its blessings and demerits and similarly, computers and the internet are not exceptions. A computer with the internet connection is of great help to people. It helps them to connect with the world. People could get to know about the happenings in the surrounding through reading news and articles on newspapers on the internet. Besides, it also helps them to communicate individually through the social networking websites. Moreover, they could also communicate with the people or relatives living in the farthest corner of the world. Moreover, the computers and the internet are shaping the world. Newer types of computers and speedy internet connections are being developed. The use of computer and internet is influencing almost all the spheres of life in the present days and we cannot do without it for a day. But there are some negative impacts as well. Sometimes the youths and the kids spend most of the time of a day with a computer and the internet which is highly harmful to them. They play virtual video games on computers using the internet and forgetting to play on the playground. Sometimes, the computer and the internet are used to spread rumours and misinformation among a targeted group and accordingly they try to get some benefits. Additionally, computers and the internet are also used for scamming and sometimes the people with less knowledge of the issue are made fool. For instance, you do have much knowledge about the computer and the internet and when you get a message on your e-mail that you won a lottery worth billions and ask you to send your private information, there are chances that you are being robbed. So, such issues should be avoided for your own benefits. Some other detrimental impacts of computer and internet are that the young people get addicted to the device and technology and waste more times. They lose concentrations in their studies and instead use a computer with the internet around the day to chat with their buddies and waste their hours in unproductive works. Such issues also should be taken care of by the parents.
  • Do you have a mobile phone? What are its advantages?
    Yes, I do have a mobile phone. It’s a Samsung phone with the name – Galaxy A5. The phone has different attractive features and functions with a long-lasting charging capacity. Well, the mobile phones have a good number of advantages. The first and the topmost important advantage is that you could be reached through the phone at any time of the day. It helps to communicate easily and effectively. When it was the age of cable telephones, people could not be reached immediately when they were needed. Making long distance calls was also troublesome. Even if any messages were delivered, the recipients received those messages when the events or hours were over. So, actually, that cable phone was of no use in the time of necessity. But the mobile phones have removed all such barriers. Since people carry the phones always with them for its size and shape, they could be reached at any time. In the early days of mobile phones, they came with fewer features and facilities. Only phone calls were made using the phones. But currently, the mobile phones come with a wide range of modern features including cameras, music players, calendars, alarms, custom-made ringtones, saving numbers and address of people to a certain limit, improved and fast internet browsing and more other features. Besides, you can use your mobile phones for several purposes as well. Gaming on a mobile phone is a great thing and a great gaming platform has been made based on the mobile phones. Thereby, people are turning to have mobile phones than the phones with cables. Where there are no internet connections, you can use the phone as a modem to get in touch with your virtual world.
  • What role does technological development play in people’s life?
    Uhh, it’s a great thing to describe the technological development in the life of people. I think you are well informed about technology. It, in fact, began forming an ancient age with the invention of the wheel and since then it is being continued. The importance of technology cannot be described in words. It has elevated the human lives in many ways. Earlier, people used to send letters to their near and dear ones or relatives living abroad. But sometimes the letters went missing for different reasons. The recipients did not get the messages in due time or sometimes they did not get at all. But with the technological advancement people now can send letters through e-mails. They also can send text messages to their near and dear ones. Besides, sending the e-mails or text messages deliver reports that those have been sent to the recipients. So, it is evident that technology has improved the condition of the people regarding communication. If we consider the issue of our private life, technology is also present here with its blessing. We cannot do the electrical tools and appliances which are the gift of technology. We cannot pass a day without a refrigerator, television, telephone or electricity which is blessings of the modern technology. In brief, technology has grabbed the life (in positive terms) of people across the world.
  • How will technology develop in the future?
    Well, it is difficult for me to predict the future developments of technology as the changes are vast. But I believe that technology will be developed in such an effective manner that will help reducing human efforts and make life more comfortable and easier. Currently, we are commanding or instructing the tools or equipment to perform their respective acts. Take a practical example – we are pressing remote control buttons to change television channels or raise or reduce the television volume level. But someday in the future, it may happen that we do not need to press the button, simply our thoughts will do the remaining. Besides, the emergence of artificial intelligence is another issue, I think. When the artificial intelligence will emerge, the robots or cyborgs will perform the unbelievable tasks. Don’t you watch the sci-fi movies? Yes, the changes will be like so. We will see flying cars and many other incredible things in future if the technological changes take place in the right manner.


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