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Writing Task 1: How recycled paper is made

The diagram below illustrate how recycled paper is made.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparison where relevant.

Sample Answer:

Sample Answer:

The given diagram presents the stages involved in the process of recycling paper.

Overall, this process includes four main phases, beginning with the making of pulp and ending in the production of recycled paper.

In the first step of the recycling process, used paper is placed on a conveyor belt which moves it into a mixture of water and chemical agents, where the paper is broken down into individual fibers, forming a slurry-like pulp as a result. Next, the slurry undergoes a filtration process to assist in the removal of impurities.

This is followed by a stage of thorough cleaning, in which water, soap, and air are used to wash the pulp and eliminate ink residues before more water and chemicals are added to enhance the removal process. In the fourth stage, the cleaned pulp is poured onto another conveyor belt, which carries the pulp through a drying process involving the use of heated rollers to remove the water. Finally, the dried paper is then wounded into rolls of recycled paper, ready for use or distribution.

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