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Writing Task 1: The number of temporary migrant workers

The table below shows the number of temporary migrant workers in four countries in 2003 and 2006 and the number of these workers per 1,000 people in these countries in 2006.

Sample Answer:

The table delineates the influx of temporary migrant workers in four nations during 2003 and 2006, along with the corresponding worker-to-population ratio in 2006.

Overall, although all countries witnessed an upward trend in the number of temporary migrant workers, the US remained as the country with the highest figure. However, in terms of the ratio of these workers compared to the population in 2006, it ranked the lowest while the leading position belonged to New Zealand.

Regarding changes, the number of those who migrated to work temporarily in the US increased moderately, reaching an all-time high of 678.000 workers in 2006. However, the most significant growth was recorded in the UK, as its number doubled to 266.000 workers in 2006. Australia and New Zealand exhibited similar, albeit less pronounced, trends, with respective figures of 219,000 and 87,000 in 2006.

Concerning the comparison between migrant workers and the total population, in first place was New Zealand, with 21.1 workers per 1000 people, approximately double the figure for Australia. Considerably lower were the ratios for the UK and the US, both standing below 5.

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