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Writing Task 1: School map now plan for the school in 2025

The diagram below shows a school now and the plan for the school in 2025

Model Answer

The maps describe the current layout of a school as well as some proposals to its structure for a future year, 2025.

Overall, though school facilities such as the main school, sports building and the football court are expected to remain unchanged, more sports areas like basketball and tennis courts are set to be built at the expense of the school playground in 2025. Of a particular note is the addition of new parking lots to the school campus.

At present, the school is accessible from the main road to its east, from a parking lot in the north, which accommodates 200 cars. The main school building is sited at the center, flanked by two basketball and four tennis courts to its east and a small canteen and a sports building to its west. There is also a large playground in the southern part of the school campus, with a football field to its south-west. Finally, a row of residential blocks are located across the street from the school.

The school campus is expected to see a complete makeover in 2025. While there is only one access point to the school area now, a south entrance leading to a new parking space will be available. A roundabout will be constructed in the north, which will connect the old parking area and a new one holding 20 spaces for staff. Tennis courts in the east are set to be replaced by a new canteen, while the old one will have been converted into a science building. The playground will shrink by a third, giving way to new basketball and tennis courts.

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