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Writing Task 1: The amount of tea and coffee imported by four different countries

The graph below shows the amount of tea and coffee imported by four different countries.

Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main points and make comparisons where relevant.

Sample Answer

The bar chart provides information about how much tea and coffee is imported by four different countries.

Focusing on the importation of tea first, the UK is dominant with 160,000 tons, which is closely followed by the USA with around 110,000 tons. The other two nations, by contrast, import significantly lower amounts of tea. For example, Germany purchases four times less tea than the leader country in the chart, and Canada closes the list with just under 20,000 tons.

As regards the figures for coffee imports, the difference between the four countries becomes smaller. Germany tops the chart with slightly over 40,000 tons, while Canada and the USA each imports 40,000 tons sharp. The UK, meanwhile, purchases about twice as less coffee as the other countries and ranks last.

Overall, the UK and the USA import more tea than coffee, whereas the reverse is true for Canada and Germany. It is also clear that the UK is the biggest importer of tea among the four nations, but in terms of coffee imports Germany takes the lead. However, the lowest figures for the imports of tea and coffee belong to Canada and the UK, respectively.

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