Writing Task 1: The amount of time children spend with their parents.

Writing Task 1

The chart below gives information about the amount of time children spend with their parents.

Sample Answer 1:

The bar chart compares how much time children of multiple age groups spend with their parents, as displayed by the amounts of time that children spend with each parent alone and both parents together. 

In general, children of all age groups spend more time with their mother than their father alone throughout the week. On the weekends, children’s time with parents increases and this time is predominantly spent with both parents, rather than with each parent separately. 

For the weekdays, children typically spend around 7 hours with their mother alone. Infants, in particular, have almost 8 hours which strictly involve their mother, which is more or less the same amount of time for children in the 2-3 and 6-7 age group in this regard. The time spent exclusively with their father, on the other hand, is rather limited, which is at most above 2 hours for the 4-5 age group and at least 1 hour for the 2-3 age group. 

Regarding the weekends, the amount of time that children spend with both parents, which is no more than 2 hours during the weekdays, becomes roughly 5.5 hours on average on weekends. This is at the expense of the amount of time that is spent exclusively with mothers and fathers, lowering to an average of 3.8 hours and sub-1 hour respectively. Finally, children from the age of 2 to 7 spend an increased total of around 10 hours with their parents on weekends. 

Sample Answer 2:

The stacked bar charts delineate how much time children of various age groups spend with their parents. The initial impression from the charts is that whilst children spend more time with both parents at weekends, mothers allocate more time for child-rearing during weekdays. It can also be seen across the two charts that fathers (excluding the ‘with both’ classification) generally spent the least time with their children.

During weekdays, babies aged from 0 to 1 years spent the least amount of time (2 hours) with the fathers, the most time with the mothers (roughly 5.8 hours), and around 1.2 hours with both. Similar pictures are evident in the remaining age groups; around 1.5-2 hours are spent with the fathers, approximately 6 hours with the mothers, and 1-2 hours with both.

A relatively different pattern could be observed regarding the child-rearing time at weekends. Across the age brackets, the fathers still set aside the least time with their kids (only a negligible 0.25-0.5 hours), mom’s time allocation is around 3-4 hours, and both parents together put from 5 to 6 hours into caring for child kids.

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