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Writing Task 1: The annual income of language-related jobs in US dollars in five cities

The graph show the annual income of language-related jobs in US dollars in five cities.

Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main points and make comparisons where relevant.

Sample Answer

The bar chart provides information on the amount of income generated per year by interpreters, translators and language teachers in five different cities. The unit is measured in US dollars.

Interpreters earn the most in Toronto, at $80,000, followed closely by those in Munich with around $75,000. While Paris and Dubai rank next with about $65,000 and $60,000, Mexico comes nowhere near the others, at just under $20,000.

When it comes to translators, they make pretty much the same amount in Toronto, Munich and Paris, at $65,000 each. Dubai ranks second with $50,000, but Mexican translators generate the least again, at slightly under $20,000.

As for language teachers, the disparity in income per year between cities grows larger. Those in Toronto top the chart by making approximately $65,000, which is $5,000 more compared to the figures for Munich and Dubai. Teachers in Paris, meanwhile, earn far less than the above three, at $45,000, whereas those in Mexico close the list making more than twice as less than those in Paris.

Overall, in each of the cities given, there is a small difference between the incomes of people doing these language-related jobs, with the most significant one being noted in Paris. It is also apparent that the incomes in Munich and Toronto are generally the highest, whereas in Mexico they are the lowest.

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