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Writing Task 1: The map below show a school in 1985 and the school now

Recent actual Test

The map below show a school in 1985 and the school now.

Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Sample Answer 1

The two maps illustrate the degree to which a school campus has changed since 1985.

Overall, the school has experienced significant alterations to accommodate the growing number of students, the most prominent of which are additional classrooms and the construction of various sports and educational amenities. Further changes have also been made to the school’s access and parking facilities.

In 1985, the school had an enrollment of 1500 students. In the west of the campus, there was a cluster of facilities, including classrooms, a small parking lot, a library, and an office, while on the east side stood a block of classrooms with two storeys. The students accessed the campus through the entrance and exit points positioned on both sides of a large car park in the north, with a road branching off in the middle of the map, leading to spacious playing fields in the south.

At present, the student population has risen significantly to 2300. Whilst the office remains intact, the library has been reduced in size and become a new learning resources center housing a computer room, making way for the relocation of the now expanded classroom building. Just south of this is a newly built gymnasium with an indoor swimming pool, overtaking approximately half of the playing fields. Meanwhile, a third floor has been added to the classroom block, accompanied by more classrooms being built to its south. In the north, the small car park has been completely removed, and the rectangular one has been reshaped into a semicircle. Finally, a group of trees has been planted, replacing the road in the center of the campus.

270 words – Estimation Band : 7.0

Sample Answer 2:

The map displays the different distribution of a school in 1985 and now. It is clear that the school changed dramatically during the period.

In 1985, there was 1500 population in this school, and it had a square car park and a road, which location on the northern of the school. On the east part of the school, there was a classroom block which had 2 storeys. A large field was located in the south part of the school, and on the west part of the school, there are some of the buildings laid in here, which includes office, library and car park.

At present, the population of this school increased to 2300. The north car park remains but its size is smaller. On the west part of the school, the new classrooms are constructed, and the classroom block adds the storeys by 3. The south filed was cleared to make a way for pool and fitness centre. On the west part of the school, the car park was demolished, new classrooms were built in here, and the library change to a resource centre which has a computer room.

Overall, it is obvious that more and more facilities have been constructed in this school and much more student studying in this school.

212 words – Estimation Band : 7.0


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