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Writing Task 1: The site of an airport redevelopment next year

The plans below show the site of airport now and how it will look after redevelopment next year.

Write at least 150 words.

Sample Answer

The two plans show Southwest Airport as it is now and redevelopment plans for next year. Overall, the number of gates will increase significantly, while the main building will generally remain unchanged apart from the addition of more passenger facilities.

The current airport has very few facilities for departing passengers, with only a coffee shop on the right-hand side, opposite a check-in counter. There are no facilities beyond passport control and security, and passengers have to walk to the eight departure gates. Arriving passengers have no amenities at all.

Following redevelopment, both arriving and departing visitors are better catered for, beginning with double the number of entrances and exits. In the departures area, the coffee shop will move to the opposite side, closer to the front, and the check-in desk will take its place, making room for a new baggage drop counter. Although the security area will not change, beyond this section, passengers will be able to shop and can use the new sky train service to reach the expanded gate area, with ten additional gates. Arriving passengers will also have access to a coffee shop and a currency exchange. The only structural change to the main building is a small annexe in the front right-hand corner, where passengers will be able to hire a car.

(216 words – Band 9)


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