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Writing Task 2: Air travel in the future

Some people believe that there will be a reduction in air travel in the future.

Do you think that this trend is a positive or negative development?

Sample Answer

Some predict that travelling by air will eventually fall out of favor. Although this development would certainly bring about some positive changes, I share the view that it is generally a change for the worse.

Admittedly, diminished use of air travel can prove advantageous in some respects. The primary benefit would be to the environment. Once air travel frequency falls, less fossil fuel is burned. This is followed by a fall in carbon footprint of airplane companies, which would be a step in the right direction towards solving environmental problems such as global warming and air pollution. One other advantage is a significant drop in air traffic accidents. It is common knowledge that many lives are lost as a result of on-air collisions, rogue airplanes, and military airplane takedowns. Only having discouraged air travel can we hope for a decline in casualties from air travel accidents.

Despite the guaranteed benefits, I prefer to see a potential fall in air travel in a rather negative light. From an economic standpoint, a downturn in the airplane and tourism industries follows reduced use of air travel. That is, airplane manufacturers and companies, along with international tourism agencies, declare major staff layoffs and bankruptcies since their services will no longer be needed as much. More than having an economic impact, less frequent air travel can mean inconvenience and a high cost of travelling for the traveler. Not having the air travel option, many travelers will have to resort to other modes of travelling, such as by train or car, which are not only inconvenient for long trips, but also substantially pricy.

In conclusion, as much as I agree there are some upsides to less frequent air travel, I am more of the view that it is an undesirable change seeing as there are economic and convenience costs involved.

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