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Writing Task 2: Fewer and fewer people want to become teachers especially in secondary schools

Fewer and fewer people want to become teachers especially in secondary schools.

Why this happening and what can be done to tackle this problem?

Sample Answer

Education is the fundamental building block of a society. Nowadays people are not interested to become educators, especially in high schools. This essay will highlight the principal causes and the solutions to resolve them.

First and foremost, a lack of interest in becoming teachers in the present day is due to the low income of a teacher. Teachers are being paid much lesser, especially in public schools as compared to other jobs in the private sector. For example, an adult who works as a pharmacist in a private hospital can earn twice as much as a secondary school teacher. This demotivates the public from pursuing a career in the education field. Furthermore, another problem is that teenagers are very difficult to deal with, and students in secondary schools tend to disobey teachers’ orders.

However, we can take several measures to solve these issues. One practical solution to this problem is that the government can increase the wage of educators. By increasing the salary of educators, people are more likely to work as teachers. In other words, a person who is passionate about teaching will be motivated to work harder and contribute to the community. Moreover, the government can offer scholarships to students to further their studies as teachers. As a result, people with financial problems can afford to pursue higher education and become successful teachers.

In conclusion, although fewer people want to become educators in today’s world, such a challenge can be solved with proper planning. The government plays an important role to encourage the public to become educators.

Overall Band Score: 9.0

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