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Writing Task 2: Working from home benefits workers and not employers

Working from home benefits workers and not employers.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample Answer

In this ambitious soul, working traditions have changed with a new trend nowadays, that admires working from home rather than at work, whilst some people believe that it is the best change ever and is much easier for workers, while others believe that it only satisfies the employee rather than the employer. In my opinion, although both views have merit, I believe that working remotely does not only satisfy personnel but the company leaders.

Firstly, it is misguided to think that working remotely doesn’t admire the management, In fact, after the covid-19 pandemic, while most companies closed and the work-from-home trend started, hence some of these offices still until now closed. In addition, some of them already rent or even sold their offices. For instance, GOOGLE is now allowing IT organizations, to work remotely since it not only lets them focus more on their job but also decreases the rent fees each month. Moreover, they will not pay electricity bills, or water consumption and eventually this will definitely lead to more profit. Besides, all these bills could eventually lead to an increase in the employee’s salaries, especially those who are not in the offices.

On the other hand, we have to admit that, not going to work early in the morning every day, especially in the winter time, is playing a great role in making employees’ activity much easier, especially for the ones having a family. For example, some workers now are preparing food and lunch for their children, while others are taking a break to bring their children from school. As a result, it seems to me that even workers are benefiting from not going to a job. Despite how your job is easy, or how consistent you are, being in your home near your family, without being stressed in an office is a big move in everyone’s growth, families now are not spending money on buses, food delivery and even a nanny, since they are always available all the time.

To conclude, as I mentioned before, working in service sometimes makes growth harder, Furthermore, sometimes stressful as well, especially when both spouses are working while having kids. However, paying for place rent and electricity bills could sometimes damage the company’s profit and decrease the team’s salaries, so in my opinion, working from the house in some scenarios benefits both the crew and the business.

Overall Band Score: 9.0

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