Writing Task 2: Low-price airlines lack most of the conveniences of normal air plane flights

Low-price airlines lack most of the conveniences of normal air plane flights. However, the prices of the tickets are usually lower.

Discuss negative and positive aspects of having lower rates of air plane tickets for travellers.

Provide specific reasons and examples to support your response.

Model Answer Band 8:

The low-cost airways have provided an opportunity for all classes of people to travel from one country to another. However, most of the benefits are insufficient compared to other normal flight. In my opinion, I strongly agree with the above statement as there is a lack of add-ons, luggage limits and other services.

To commence with, on the brighter side, low budget flights gave an opportunity for all the individuals to fly. Whereas, a few decades ago, it was a herculean task; as it was highly expensive. In other words, it encourages people to travel on tourism to different destination. Eventually, this activity contributes to the economical development of the country. For example, if we plan our vacation well in advance it will allow us to save more than in any other airlines.

However, on the flip side, these low-cost aeroplane has few notable drawbacks. Firstly, there are no blanket or seat pillows given, in order to make the passengers feel comfortable while travelling and we need to bare with the child temperature inside the aircraft. Secondly, there is a limitation in the pieces of luggage that can be taken along. To cite an example, people travelling through ‘MAS airlines’ can carry their baggage weighing up to 50kgs. Nevertheless, while travelling in ‘Airasia’ you are allowed to carry only up to 18kgs.

From my standpoint, economy airlines offer tickets at a very low cost, at the same time the extras which we can avail for free in standard airways are offered to the customer with a doubled price. For instance, headphones and a small bottle of water is distributed to travellers for free of charge. But, in budgetary flights, it sold for high profit.

To conclude, I deem that, when travelling on a low fare plane the services provided are not up to the level. However, on second thought, it depends on an individual’s preference.

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