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Writing Task 2: The impact that the growing demand for more flights has on the environment

The impact that the growing demand for more flights has on the environment, is a major concern for many countries.

Some people believe that one way to limit the number of people traveling by air is to increase the tax on flights.

To what extent do you think this could solve the problem?

Sample Answer

The unprecedented progress of society brings along with several notable notions which are incontrovertible. Among them, the rising tendency of using more airways is one of them. A bunch of personages are concerned with the best method to solve this problem. Although certain folks pressure that tax increment is the most effective step to tackle environmental dangers. I believe, that offering dumps for developments and making visas more expensive, will prove more effective.

Firstly, more taxation plays a significant role in limiting the number of trips by companies or individuals. As a result of a high number of, taxes people will reduce their trips to a limited amount. For instance, the high price to boost the tourism revenues in its country, Indonesia has up-grated its flight ticket price that includes basic prices and a 20% tax to travel abroad after the pandemic COVID-19.

Secondly, restricting Visa access is another key method to mitigate the increasing demand for flights. This is to say that, people will think twice to take a plane because they would pay double the prices that are for flight tickets and taxes, as a consequence, they will prefer to enjoy their holiday locally rather than fly overseas because of the price considerations. For example, neighbours of ours decided to visit France in a transit zone for a week. However, while applying for Visa they realized that there were needed a lot of documents, covid tests, and money to get it. Therefore, they were not able to do this and decided not to visit Europe.

In conclusion, several journeys by plane play a pivotal role to swell up surroundings difficulties. If the government includes the tax on aircraft accommodation sister to reduce the amount of air pollution and taxes on visa regulation, these could drive some drawbacks to our environmental systems.

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