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Writing Task 2: Solve problem of congestion in cities

One way to solve problem of congestion in cities is to build sky trains which run overhead rather than on or under the ground.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using this solution to solve congestion?

Sample Answer

Erecting sky trains can be a solution to the problem of traffic jams instead of providing traditional trains or subways according to numerous personages. The probable and general pros and cons of the idea have been working in this con-current age and these will be provided to solve the problem by citing examples.

On the one hand, there are at least two advantages of the solution. Firstly, because the transportation mode does not need to stop other vehicles when it runs, it would reduce the effectiveness more effectively than the traditional one. Secondly, if individuals compare the time-consuming construction process of it rather than the underground type, it requires less time because the builder just needs to install some flying tracks and does not need to dig the earth. For instance, the Indonesian government spent 5 years developing traditional tracks, however, they finish the installation of the flying way only in 3 years. Nevertheless, various demerits are responsible for the sole anyway.

The main disadvantages of the idea are the price of the development process and the budget of operation. Moreover, the provider will necessitate more money to develop the proposal of it because sky tracks are one of the most expensive transportation modes. For example, Indonesia has spent its national expenditure to create it, at around 120 billion Rupiah. Additionally, budget allocation for its daily operation of it will be higher than other types; thus, the price of the ticket will be likely not affordable.

In conclusion, I think that the installation of sky trains to solve the traffic jam problems leads to benefits namely the effectiveness of reducing congestion and the quickness of erecting process which cannot be the only strategy, and that has negative impacts including the high budget of installation time and its daily operation.

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