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12 Vocabulary for IELTS Writing Task 2 – Topic Education

1. Tertiary education (n) 

Example: Students having access to tertiary education might have better job opportunities.

Related collocations:

  • To pursue tertiary education
  • To have access to tertiary education

2. comprehensive education (n) 

Example: Prestigious universities usually provide students with comprehensive education.

Related collocations:

  • To offer students comprehensive education 
  • To provide students with comprehensive education. 

3. Formal qualifications (n)

Example: People with formal qualifications are more likely to find work.

Related collocations:

  • To obtain formal qualifications
  • To possess formal qualifications

4. Knowledge-based (adj) 

Example: We are living in a knowledge-based society where an increase in knowledge has a direct relationship with financial wealth.

Related collocations:

  • A knowledge-based society/economy

5. Interactive learning (n) 

Example: Interactive learning is a new and more effective approach that focuses on providing learners with practical knowledge. 

Related collocations:

  • promote interactive learning

6. Learning environment (n)

Example: It is necessary for teachers to provide learners with a holistic learning environment.

Related collocations:

  • a holistic learning environment

7. Teaching styles (n) 

Example: Teachers should tailor their teaching styles to suit students’ different needs.

Related collocations:

  • To tailor teaching styles.
  • To adjust teaching styles.

8. Career prospects (n)

Example: A university degree can open the door to better career prospects.

Related collocations:

  • To enhance career prospects.
  • To open the door to better career prospects.

9. A lecture (n) 

Example: There are many universities that deliver online lectures to students who cannot attend classes on campus.

Related collocations:

  • To Attend a lecture.
  • To deliver a lecture.

10. Learning materials (n) Tài liệu học tập

Example: Teachers should carefully prepare learning materials before each lesson.

Related collocations:

  • To prepare learning materials.

11. Extracurricular activities (n) 

Example: Students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities to improve their soft skills.

Related collocations:

  • To participate in extracurricular activities

12. Theoretical knowledge (n)

Example: Many subjects in Vietnamese schools contain a great deal of theoretical knowledge.

Related collocations:

  • To acquire theoretical knowledge


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