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Listening Full Test 7 - Section 3

Listening Full Test 7 - Section 3


Choose TWO letters, A–E

Professor Jones thinks that Mark will ask for more time for his essay because:

  • A. two other students have already asked her
  • B. her students never plan their assignments
  • C. most students have handed in their assignments
  • D. it is the dat before the assignment is due in
  • E. Mark is always late with his assignments


Choose ONE letter, Aor C

23. Mark needs an extension because:

A. he was sick and went to the doctor

B. he had a problem with his computer

C. his brother had a personal problem

24. Mark didn’t come to see Professor Jones a week ago because:

  • A. he thought his writing was very bad
  • B he planned to finish the essay on time
  • C he wanted to keep his grade point average

25. Which role below it NOT correct?

  • A. ask at least 3 days before the essay is due
  • B. fill out a form and then email it
  • C. talk to your teacher in person


Complete the notes below.


Professor Jone’s feedback

  • Mark needs to add 26 …………….. to his bibliography
  • He should look in the online database
  • His essay has no 27 ……………..
  • Mark plans to explain the theories and show 28 …………….. for each of them
  • He should 29 …………….. the essay before he hands it in
  • He can have one 30 …………….. for his assignment


[bg_collapse view=”button-red” color=”#4a4949″ icon=”arrow” expand_text=”Show Answer” collapse_text=”Hide Answer” ]

21. A
22. D
23. C
24. B
25. A
26. three/3references
27. introduction
28. evidence
29. edit
30. extra day



You will hear a conversation between a student called Mark and his teacher, Professor Jones. First you have some time to look at questions 21 to 25.

Now listen carefully and answer questions 21 to 25

Jones: Hello Mark. What can I do for you?

Mark: Oh, hi Professor Jones. I’ve come to ask you a big favour.

Jones: Let me guess, Mark, you want more time for your essay assignment. You’re the third student I’ve seen today, all with the same request! It beats me why a few people leave their planning to the last minute and then think they can come at a day’s notice and get a reprieve. It’s really not fair to all the students who are well planned and organised is it?

Mark: Yes, you’re right, and I’m really sorry I need to ask. I’ve never asked for an extension before.

Jones: So, Mark, why should I grant you an extension when I said no to everyone else today?

Mark: Well, Professor Jones, I really do have a valid reason. It‘s not just the usual, like I have a cold, and I have a certificate from my doctor, or my computer crashed and I lost all my data. I wouldn’t bother you with those old excuses. You see, my twin brother was planning to get married next weekend, but last week his girlfriend told him the wedding was off and he landed on my doorstep. He was really upset. I couldn’t just tell him to go away because I was busy. And of course I would have had three assignments due this week, and all my study plans just went out the window.

Jones: I see. So, why didn’t you come to see me a week ago when your brother first turned up?

Mark: Because I was hoping I would still be able to get it done, but I just can’t manage it. Well, actually I have written the required number of words, more or less, but frankly, I feel it’s terrible. I don’t want to let myself down by handing it in as it is at the moment, and I really don’t want to drop my grade point average by getting a low mark on this assignment.

Jones: Well, the course handbook states very clearly that at least 5 days’ notice is required for any extension, except in emergencies. Those rules were designed to make it fair for everyone you see. You’re supposed to submit a request on the proper form…. and you can send it by email. And you also need to make an appointment and discuss your request in person, as you have done now. Your problem does come very squarely under the ‘family issues’ category, so you probably would have got some extra time if you’d done that. I’m not really inclined to grant this request now, you know.

Mark: Yes, I know I’ve really messed up. I suppose I’ll just have to hand it in as it is, and take a lower grade.

Before you hear the rest of the conversation, you have some time to look at questions 26 to 30.

Now listen and answer questions 26 to 30

Jones: Well, at least you’ve made a start, which is more than can be said for your other colleagues today. Have you got what you’ve done so far? Come on, we’ll look through it together and I’ll see if I can make a few suggestions for a quick fix, how about that?

Mark: Oh, thank you, yes here it is on my laptop.

Jones: Well, let’s see. Let’s start with the bibliography … Yes, you’ve consulted most of the sources I suggested, but you don’t have any references of your own, and that was part of the task, wasn’t it? You need at least three references of your own, see?

Mark: Yes, I know. I did find one more, McDonald and Ferris 2014.

Jones: OK, that’s a good one, I suggest you look at their reference list, too, and chase up a couple more from there. You should be able to find everything you need in the online library databases, especially Languageline.

Mark: Yes, OK. So, what about the essay structure, and the argument? Are they OK, or am I barking up the wrong tree?

Jones: Well, you just seem to jump straight in to your first point here. I’m not sure where your essay is going. Where’s the introduction?

Mark: Oh right … I always leave the introduction till the end and write it after I’ve finished the rest of the essay. That way, it ties in to what I’ve already written … Well, that’s what we were taught in the study skills course, anyway.

Jones: Yes, and you’re quite right. So, tell me about your ideas. What’s your main argument?

Mark: Well, I’m not really sure. I think I understand the 3 opposing theories OK, but I don’t really have a strong opinion about which one is correct. I was more thinking of explaining them all as clearly as I can, and then giving the evidence for each one. I don’t think there is a clear-cut right or wrong, well, that’s my opinion anyway. Do we need to say that one is better than the other two?

Jones: No, you don’t, and what you are planning to do is often the best way to go about it. Well, I’ve been skimming through what you’ve written while we’ve been talking, and one thing you definitely must do before you submit this assignment is to edit it for grammar and spelling mistakes. There are a lot of errors here, just simple things that are easy to fix. But still, I can see you’ve done the basic work, and I do sympathise with your brother, it must be very difficult for him. So, I’ll give you one extra day on this essay.

Mark: Oh, thank you Professor Jones, thank you! I’ll hand it in before 5pm on Wednesday, then.

Jones: Yes, that’s the final deadline. Goodbye now!


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