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IELTS Speaking Part 1: Topic Art (12 questions)

Topic Art

1. Do you like art?

I have a lifelong passion for art since I was a child. Beside the official art class in school, I also joined a drawing class in The Children’ House and my teachers were very pleased with my drawings. I also participated in some drawing competitions back then. Until now I still draw in my free time, although not as often as I used to do.

2. Did you enjoy doing art lessons at school when you were a child? [Why? / Why not?]

Actually, I did; I used to love art classes and enjoyed learning about different things such as perspective, shading, and color palettes, but my favorite part was photography and learning how to compose pictures, edit them, and so on.

3. Do you ever draw or paint pictures nowadays? [Why? / Why not?]

No, not anymore, I haven’t done any sketching, drawing or painting since I left school. Apart from with my niece, who is only six years old, and that’s just for fun. Honestly, I just don’t have the time anymore, I used to have a sketchbook where I used to draw some ideas I had, but when I went to university I lost the habit, and have never done it since.

4. When was the last time you went to an art gallery or exhibition?

The last time was while I was a student. My friends and I went to gallery where a friend of ours was showing some paintings they had done. It was like a special show for new undiscovered artists, and she’s very good. We went along to support her and also to see the work of the other artists.

5. What type of art or paintings do you like to have in your home? [Why?]

In general, I prefer abstract art with lots of bold colors and interesting shapes, I’m not so keen on still life or portraits or stuff like that, I like to see splashes of color or interesting angles which make you think about what you’re seeing in the painting.

6. Do you think art classes are necessary? (Why?)/ How do you think art classes affect children’s development?

Yes, definitely. Learning arts, especially at a young age, can help stimulate children’s cognitive development and encourage them to think outside the box. Because they’re still little, their ideas are very fresh and lovely, which is worth appreciating.

7. Are you good at art?

Art is a really vast subject, I believe and if it is about drawing things here and there, I would say I am pretty fine at it. But, I am surely not one of those who can make some masterpieces. I think I am good at it, all thanks to the art classes that I attended during my teen years. They were a great help during my growing years and taught me lot of creativity. Now, I can easily draw simple day to day things like pen or a face.

8.  What kind of paintings do people like?

In my opinion, people love hanging landscape paintings at home. Bringing in the beauty of Mother Nature somehow ease people’s mind after a long day at work. Another style of drawing that most people also like is portrait. It could be portraits of someone important to them or even their lovely pets.

9.  What benefits can you get from painting as a hobby?

I think the mediation efficiency worth mentioning first. Colours in some ways reflect our thoughts and emotions very well and somehow stimulate our body to defend against our negativity inside. For me, in particular, I think what’s so interesting about painting is that you have no idea how harmonized colours can become until you actually try.

10. How often do you visit art galleries?

To tell you the truth, I have never visited art galleries before. Unless I have a guide to acknowledge me, art galleries would be quite boring for me.

11. What kinds of things do you like to draw?

My main inspiration is Japanese manga. The drawing topic is extremely varied, however only manga seems to show great potency for my level. I have a big collection at home and as I sometimes go through it again, I can see how much I’ve improved.

12.  Is it easy to learn how to draw?

I think I must say it’s even challenging for a lot of people. I absolutely failed when it comes to drawing still life paintings like fruit and flowers. I think for those who succeed in drawing or arts in general, they first must have God-gifted talent, then comes to the long-term commitment to arts that requires extreme practice and high patience.


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