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Cue Card 2020 #42: Describe a time when you first met someone

Describe a time when you first met someone

You should say:

  • Who was it
  • Where did you meet
  • When was it
  • How was your experience

Model Answer:

  • There are a lot of people who I meet daily , Some of them are my known and some are new .
  • There have been many instances where I have come across new people in my life but i want to talk about a strange situation where I first met this person named Rajni sharma.
  • She is in her late 30’s and I met her in a very unexpected situation .
  • This heads back to last winter when I was going for a trip with my friends .
  • It was very chilly and time was around 9:30 in the morning .
  • Our destination was about 9 hours away and we all were travelling by a private mini bus that we booked .
  • When me and my friends were about to reach our destination when our bus broke down.
  • We were told to visit some village nearby in the meantime till our bus was being repaired .
  • My friends refused to come with me so I went alone to the village to explore new things .
  • I was walking down the streets of the village and after some time I heard a group of children reciting poems very loudly .
  • As soon as I went there I saw a lady in a very simple yet beautiful saree teaching children and upon asking the villagers I got to know that Mrs. Rajni was teaching those children who could not afford to go to school .
  • My respect for her doubled when i had a word with her after her class where she told me that she was actually a doctor by profession and she had herself opted for this life , to not only teach children but also do her duties as a doctor by providing whole village medicinal care.
  • I sat with her for almost an hour , she was a very welcoming person and talked very politely .
  • At that moment, seeing so many children getting their basic education I felt like doing this myself too .
  • If not on those levels I promised her to help her in some way I could.
  • I kept on thinking about this scenario for very long .
  • So till date i send her some amount of money which I save and she buys those children basic stationary with that .
  • Mrs. Rajni is a perfect example of a selfless person . I believe that not everyone has this much strength to look upto life this way

Part 3 – Follow up Questions

  1. Do you think it is strange to make friends online?
    No, I don’t think it is strange, but I personally not very keen on making friends online. Any person can make a fake ID online. It is very risky. We see many shows such as Crime Patrol and Savdhan India in which there are true stories about people being cheated by online friends.
  2. Why do some people have few friends?
    Some people are introverts. They don’t like many friends. They are more comfortable with a few intimate friends.
  3. Which is more important, new friendships or old one’s?
    Both have their own importance. One should make new friends, but not forget the old ones.
  4. How do companies welcome their new employees?
    Companies have orientation programs for new employees. They introduce new employees to old ones in these orientation seminars. Every company has their own method.


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