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Cue Card 2020 #46: Describe an experience when you played an indoor game with others?

Describe an experience when you played an indoor game with others?

You should say:

  • What you played
  • Who you played with
  • Why you played
  • How you felt about it?

Model Answer:

  • I’ve played several games, both indoor and outdoor games, and still try to play whenever I get time.
  • Among those games, I enjoyed playing chess more than others.
  • Chess is an indoor game where two players participate.
  • This game does not involve any major physical movements like other outdoor games but a chess player has to use his/her brain and make game plans to defeat the opponent.
  • I mostly play this game with my friends and cousins.
  • Sometimes I play it with my father and senior relatives.
  • Since playing chess requires only placing the board on a surface and sitting position of the two participating players, it is convenient to play chess almost anywhere.
  • I mostly play it at our veranda, garden or bedroom.
  • I enjoy this game because I have a fascination about this game from my childhood and I really like the overall theme and brainstorming involved in this game.
  • It’s a thought provoking game that gives the participating players to use their brains.
  • A player can apply his/her strategy, and then allure the opponent to fall in a trap, which is much like a real battlefield.
  • It’s not a game where someone would only use the physical movements rather the game requires perfect game plan, finding weakness of the opponent and a battle strategy.
  • This game gives you a feel of being the King of a regime where you decide yourcountrymen’s fate.
  • For all these reasons this is a very interesting and enjoyable game to me.

Part 3 – Follow up Questions

  1. Do you play any indoor games?
    Yes, I play carom board and cards with my siblings and parents.
  2. Do you prefer to play indoor games or outdoor games?
    It depends on the weather outside. In hot summer afternoons, I play indoor games. But, when the weather is good, I play cricket and badminton outside with my friends.
  3. What indoor games did you play when you were a child?
    I played carom board, ludo and snakes and ladders as a child.
  4. Is there any particular indoor game that you liked (when you were a child)?
    I liked ludo and snakes and ladders.
  5. What sorts of indoor games do children play now?
    Nowadays, children are of the digital era. They play electronic games on the computer.
  6. Do you play video games?
    Yes, I play Mario and tetris sometimes on my phone.
  7. What kinds of video games do you like to play?
    I play Mario and tetris only. Sometimes I feel I have wasted a lot of time on these two games.
  8. Is it good for young people to play video games?
    Yes, video games are good, but only if played in a limit. These introduce children to computer technology, and teach strategy building skills.
  9. What qualities should a team leader have?
    He should have good communication skills. He should know how to get work done. He should lead by example as far as qualities like punctuality and discipline are concerned.
  10. Is teamwork important to individuals?
    Yes, it is. It is needed in all fields of life. Man cannot live alone and do anything alone. Teamwork teaches cooperation, conflict management skills and many more things which are needed in everyday life.
  11. What do you think about people spending too much time on computer games?
    I think these people do not realise that such games are addicting and can ruin them if they do not limit their time they spend on computer games


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