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Top Vocabulary: Personality Characteristics/Traits for IELTS

1. Characteristic (n) 

Example: Vietnamese people have quite different characteristics from Chinese people. 

Related collocations:

  • Personal characteristics 
  • Inherited characteristics
  • Genetic characteristics

2. Personality (n) 

Example: The children in her class have different personalities

Related collocations:

  • To develop/ express/reflect 
  • Out-going personality 
  • The strength of somebody’s personality 

3. Innate/inborn (adj)

Example: Some people believe that we all have some innate abilities which can be further developed through training.

Related collocations:

  • Inborn talents 
  • Inborn qualities 
  • Innate abilities 

4. Charismatic (adj) / Charisma (n) 

Example: My supervisor is a charismatic leader, and everyone in our department follows his directions. 

Related collocations:

  • A charismatic leader/ leadership
  • To demonstrate/ grow/ cultivate charisma

5. Trait (n) 

Example: We all inherit some certain personality traits from our parents. 

Related collocations:

  • Genetic traits 
  • To inherit personality traits from somebody 
  • To share traits

6. Up-bringing / Bring somebody up (phr) 

Example: Children who have proper upbringing tend to become productive members of society in later life. 

Related collocations:

  • Proper up-bringing 
  • Childhood up-bringing

7. Persistent (adj) / Persistence (n) 

Example: This job requires a lot of hard work and persistence

Related collocations:

  • To show remarkable persistence 

8. Discipline (n) 

Example: Teachers have to maintain discipline during lessons. 

Related collocations:

  • To maintain discipline 
  • To lack discipline

9. Self-esteem (n)

Example: Children who are physically punished at home tend to grow up with low self-esteem. 

Related collocations:

  • Low self-esteem
  • To lose/build/ destroy someone’s self-esteem

10. Tendency (n) / Tend to do something (phr) 

Example: Many youngsters nowadays show a tendency to adopt inappropriate foreign culture.  

Related collocations:

  • To have/show a tendency to do something 
  • To have/show a tendency for something 

11. Temperament (n) 

Example: To win the tournament, one has to have the right temperament.  

Related collocations:

  • to have the right temperament 


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