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Cue Card – Describe A Place Where You Like To Go Shopping

This article includes sample answer on the IELTS cue card topic:

Describe A Place Where You Like To Go Shopping  

You should say:

  • Where this place is
  • Who you know about this place
  • Whom you go with when you go to this place

And explain why you love to shop at this place. 

Sample Answer: Band 8

Shopping is one of my least favorite activities, but sadly, life doesn’t care whether I enjoy it or not. So, I’ll have to go shopping regardless. But, to make my “shopping job” a little easier, I’ve chosen one particular store, a superstore, to be precise, about which I’d like to speak.

As I previously stated, it is a “super shop” because it is only a few minutes drive from where I reside. However, because it is not in a popular section of town, it has remained obscure to many city people for the most part. Nonetheless, this superstore attracts a sizable number of shoppers from all walks of life who visit it on a regular basis. In fact, it isn’t an exaggeration to tell you that the majority of clients of this specific shop regard it as their “family super shop” because they have formed a special bond with its employees. It is worth mentioning that it is not a particularly large business, possibly no more than 1000 square feet, and so even a modest amount of customers in it at any given time would make this super shop appear rather congested.

In any case, visitors to this shop can range from regular manufacturing workers to top executives of large corporations who come to meet their daily shopping needs, whether it’s a loaf of bread or some fruits and vegetables. Other products and merchandise available at the superstore include cosmetics, fragrances, dairy products, toiletries, small kitchen equipment, meat products, fish, and other types of snacks.

Anyway, I enjoy going to this business because it is so close to my house. Great customer service, lower prices on many of its products, and the availability of certain fresh veggies and fruits are just a few of the reasons I like to visit this supermarket. Finally, I enjoy this business since it is usually clean and tidy

Follow-up Questions: Part 3

How do you think shopping has evolved in the last few decades? 

In my opinion, the way we shop has changed drastically. Twenty years ago, we had to go to the mall or to stores to buy the things we needed. Nowadays, we can purchase almost anything online, and I think it is more convenient, especially with the current situation. As much as possible, I only go out whenever I have to, and if I can shop online, it’s better.

What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of online shopping? 

I think that like everything else, online shopping has its pros and cons. First of all, we are not guaranteed that the items that we are buying are authentic or not. What sellers post on their websites might not be the actual products that they have. I’ve actually had a fair share of such experience. It’s both disappointing and frustrating. On the other hand, if we are buying from legit and authorized sellers, we are saving a lot of money and effort.


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