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Cue Card – Describe a Gift You Bought for Someone

This article includes sample answer on the IELTS cue card topic: 

Describe a Gift You Bought for Someone

You should say:

  • What gift it was 
  • Whom it is for
  • Why you gave it to that person

And explain and describe how you think that person was feeling when you gave it to them. 

Sample Answer : Band 8

They claim that girls’ closets are constantly full with clothes, but they never have anything to wear. In the majority of cases, this is correct. My sister is a perfect example. She is completely hooked on shopping. For her, the final weekend of each month is set aside for shopping. Today, I’d like to talk about an item of clothing that I bought for her. 

Recently, I gave her a leather jacket. Our taste when it comes to clothes is quite similar and keeping my preference for clothing in mind, I decided to surprise her with this jacket. We are sisters but more so, we are the best of friends too. Our relationship is solid and unbreakable.

It’s a slim-fitting black jacket with a gleam to it. The main zipper is slanted to one side, distinguishing it from the others. The length is short. It features a lining cloth on the inside. In addition, the jacket has two open pockets and one inside pocket. It also has a basic wrist closure and a straight collar.

I bought her this jacket for no specific reason. I asked her a few weeks ago whether she needed to buy some clothes since I wanted to give something to her. She was both moved and overwhelmed. As a result, we searched on the internet to purchase this jacket. Indeed, she loved it and told me the jacket is near and dear to her heart, and it will always be a treasured piece of apparel because it was from me. I was so happy she loved it.

Follow-up Questions : Part 3

Do you enjoy giving clothing items as a gift? 

To be honest, no I do not like buying clothes for other people as gifts. That is why as much as possible, I prefer to buy other things like perfume, books, and bags among others. It is because it’s really hard to find an item of clothing that will suit the taste of the people we’re giving it to, let alone the accurate size that would fit them.

How often do people in your country give presents?

We do enjoy giving presents and it’s something that has been part of our tradition. May it be birthdays, anniversaries, New Year, Christmas, and graduation events, we give gifts. It’s one of the things I look forward to, giving presents.


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