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IELTS Writing Task 1 (Process wasted glass bottles) – Band 9

The picture below shows the recycling process of wasted glass bottles.

Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words

Model Answer 1

The diagram illustrates the process of recycling waste glass bottles. It is clear that there are three distinct stages in the recycling process, beginning with the collection of unused bottles and ending with the delivery of new bottles.

At the first stage in the process, wasted glass bottles are gathered at a collecting point and delivered to a cleaning plant by a truck. At the second stage, glass bottles are washed in high- pressure water before being categorized according to colours which normally include clear, green and brown. After that, the bottles are sent to a glass factory where they are broken into pieces. The process continues with burning these pieces in furnaces at the hight temperature , and then the liquid is produced. The recycled liquid glass and the new liquid glass from other sources are then shaped in a glass mould to produce new bottles.

At the final stage, new bottles are transported to supermarkets where the products are ready for sale.

(162 words)

Model Answer 2

The diagram shows how wasted glass bottles are recycled.

Overall, there are three stages in this whole process, beginning with gathering used glass bottles. The next step shows how to recycle these bottles, and the process ends with the provision of filled bottles to retail stores.

Firstly, second-hand glass bottles are brought to a collection point and then are transported to a recycling area. To clean these bottles, they are placed under high-pressure water to eliminate dust and other unwelcome substances. In the next step, after these glass bottles are classified by their colors (clear, green and brown), they are moved to a glass factory in order to be crushed into smaller pieces.

Those pieces are then burnt in a particular furnace at a temperature to become molten glass. At the following step, the recycled molten glass coupled with new liquid glass is poured into a mould to shape into bottles. The new bottles are filled with drink, and the entire glass recycling process concludes after these bottled bottles are delivered to a supermarket.

(174 words)


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