Describe a bicycle/motorcycle/car trip you would like to go

The topic of traffic and travel is a common topic in everyday communication contexts as well as in academic speaking tests such as IELTS Speaking.

Key takeaways
Have a thirst for adventure
Get itchy feet
Can hardly contain my excitement
An arduous journey
Break the journey
Have a stopover
Do the sights
Travel on
A low-cost airline
An intrepid explorer
Unexplored wilderness
Get hopelessly lost
Send out a search party
Face severe weather conditions
Boost sb’s spirits
Sb’s spirits are high
Sheer epic grandeur
Have a special charm
One’s budget doesn’t quite stretch to st.

Describe a bicycle/motorcycle/car trip you would like to go

You should say:

  • When it is 
  • Where you go
  • Who you go with
  • Explain why you would like to go on that trip

Well, a trip that I have every intention of going on is a motorbike trip with my boyfriend to Sapa, which is a mountainous area in northwest Vietnam.

I’ve been thinking of that trip for a long time. It’s going to be an arduous trip because of the long distance between Hanoi and Sapa. The routes also meander so we may break the journey or have a stopover sometimes before traveling on.

At first, my boyfriend tells me to book a couple of tickets from a low-cost airline but I don’t want to. I prefer a motorbike trip since I have a thirst for adventure. With a motorbike, it’s much easier to travel from one destination to another to do the sights.

You know, Sapa is a mountainous area with sheer epic grandeur and unexplored wilderness, so it would be a pity if I can’t behold all of those things.

Well, as embarrassing as this may sound, I have to say that I’m not an intrepid explorer. Sometimes I’m scared when I hear the news that someone has got lost and the authority has to send out a search partyFacing severe weather conditions also makes me frustrated, even though I know my boyfriend will always be there to boost my spirits.

Our budget doesn’t quite stretch to a luxurious hotel so we will choose a homestay instead. It’s not a bad choice, because a homestay allows us to immerse ourselves in nature there which has a special charm.

There are many reasons why I’d love to go on that trip. First of all, I’ve never gone on a trip with my boyfriend. Which destination is not a big deal as our spirits are always high when we go together. Add to that, a long distance can quench our thirst as we get itchy feet. Thinking of the trip, I feel like I can hardly contain my excitement.


  • Have a thirst for adventure:
    For example:
    I can see she travels from pillars to posts during the year. She really has a thirst for adventure.
  • Get itchy feet
    For example:
    I know she won’t sit tight in a place because she gets itchy feet.
  • Can hardly contain my excitement
    For example:
    When I see that breath-taking view, I can hardly contain my excitement.
  • An arduous journey
    For example:
    I just want to have a relaxing journey, not an arduous one.
  • Break the journey
    For example:
    Because the trip is pretty long, we break the journey whenever we’re tired.
  • Have a stopover: stopover (usually overnight)
    For example:
    I don’t want to have a stopover because it often takes more than a night.
  • Do the sights: to visit all the characteristic places of a tourist destination
    For example:
    We choose a motorbike since we’d love to do the sights.
  • Travel on: keep moving
    For example:
    After a short break, we traveled on.
  • A low-cost airline
    For example:
    We don’t have much money so a low-cost airline will be a better choice.
  • An intrepid explorer
    For example:
    My brother is an intrepid explorer but sometimes he throws caution to the wind.
  • Unexplored wilderness
    For example:
    Nowadays, people prefer exploring places with unexplored wilderness to going to artificial resorts.
  • Get hopelessly lost
    For example:
    I never travel alone as I’m scared of getting hopelessly lost.
  • Send out a search party
    For example:
    People often get lost here so the police usually send out search parties to find them.
  • Boost sb’s spirits: make anyone feel excited
    For example:
    Whenever I’m sad, my dad knows how to boost my spirits.
  • Sb’s spirits are high: whose spirits are high
    For example:
    When I immerse myself in social events, my spirits are often very high.
  • Sheer epic grandeur
    For example:
    Mountainous areas in Vietnam often have sheer epic grandeur.
  • Have a special charm
    For example:
    The sights there have a special charm.
  • One’s budget doesn’t quite stretch to st: Someone can’t afford something
    For example:
    My budget doesn’t quite stretch to a 5-star hotel so I choose a 3-star hotel instead.
  • Face severe weather conditions
    For example:
    When I was in Ha Giang last time, I faced severe weather conditions.

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