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Describe a family member that did something that made you feel proud

Describe a family member that did something that made you feel proud

You should say:

  • Who this person is,
  • What this person did
  • Why you felt proud of them

Sample Answer

The person I’m enormously proud of is my father because he managed to quit smoking after being a heavy smoker for many years.

You see, for him smoking was such a necessary permanent habit just like eating and sleeping. He smoked one cigarette after another and needed almost two packs of cigarettes per day. So my mom and I thought he would be hooked on nicotine and cigarettes until the end of his life. Taking into account the number of unsuccessful attempts that he’d made before, the fact that he finally got rid of this habit can be regarded as a great achievement.

At first, he tried to stop smoking by gradually doing it less and less, but it didn’t work for him. And he ended up going back to his old habit. So he decided to quit cold turkey.

I can’t help feeling proud of him ’cause I saw how difficult it was for him to get rid of this bad habit. I’ve read that nicotine is considered a strongly addictive drug. I was afraid he would start smoking again as smoking was a large part of his daily ritual. From morning till the evening hours nearly every activity involved smoking. So it wasn’t easy for him as he had to occupy himself by doing something. He tried to focus on some activities and take up new hobbies not to think about his craving for tobacco. Also, he said he’d felt a bit tight chested and had breathing problems. I’m not exaggerating saying that only with a great effort of will did he manage to win this battle. And now that he has been a non-smoker for more than half a year, I’m terribly proud that he didn’t give up.

Part 3 – ‘Rewards, being proud’


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