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IELTS Speaking Part 1: Talk about your last weekend

In the IELTS Speaking test, the topic of “Weekend” is one of the common topics, so it is important to prepare carefully for vocabulary as well as ideas for answers.

Talk about your last weekend


1. Do you like weekends?

Yes, I do adore the weekends! It’s a nice time to unwind and spend time with loved ones; I don’t have to wake up early to make a quick trip to work. Normally, I prefer to take a day off from work to simply relax. As I think everyone needs to take a break from their everyday routine to simply observe everything around them, I also enjoy going out and exploring new areas or just taking walks in the outdoors. I can always catch up on whatever I missed during the week on the weekends. It is an excellent method to rejuvenate and prepare for the forthcoming week.

2. What will you do next weekend?

Not even a thought yet. It would be difficult to predict what I’ll do because I have a busy life and my plans change often. As a reward for studying so hard lately to get ready for the IELTS exam, I suppose I might treat myself to something delicious to eat or even take a quick trip.

3. Did you do anything special last weekend?

Not as I remember. I’ve spent all of my free time including recent weekends making sure I’m as prepared as possible for this IELTS test since I think it’s really important. I’m hoping to reach my goal band score so I can spend this weekend doing something more enjoyable.

4. What do other people in your hometown usually do on weekends?

Depending on their individual interests, I believe everyone will find their own method of making the most of their weekends. Some people decompress by hanging out with their friends, going to places of entertainment like restaurants and stores, or throwing parties. Like myself, some introverts would prefer to spend their time at home playing video games, binge-watching their favorite movies, and doing other similar activities.

5. Do you often make plans for your weekends?

Yes, I do. Since I consider myself to be a planned person, I always plan out my days and weeks in advance. Nonetheless, unforeseen action events do happen occasionally. Similar to last weekend, when my friend and I decided to visit a nearby market because my class was canceled. I simply enjoy letting my emotions guide my observations.

6. Do you think weekends are long enough?

Although I think weekends are long enough, they certainly seem to go by fast when we’re engaged in fun activities. I’m able to manage productivity and leisure by organizing my weekends well in advance and making the most of my free time.

7. Do you prefer to spend your weekends indoors or outdoors?

I firmly think that weekends should be spent enjoying both inside and outdoor activities. I can read more when I’m inside, watch documentaries that make me think, or perhaps write something new. However, going outside enables me to explore new areas, get active, and establish a connection with nature.

8. Are there any places near your home where you like to go on weekends?

Yes, I frequently go to a nice park on the weekends that is only a short drive from my house. It’s a calm haven with strolling pathways, peaceful ponds, and an abundance of vegetation. It’s the ideal location, in my opinion, for leisurely walks, picnics, or just relaxing and spending time in nature.

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