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Describe a magazine or newspaper that you like to (or, often) read

Describe a magazine or newspaper that you like to (or, often) read

You should say:

  • What magazine or newspaper it is
  • What the magazine or newspaper is about
  • How often you read it
  • What kinds of people generally read this magazine or newspaper
  • And explain why you like to read it.


To be honest, I don’t read magazines much these days, but I still read the one called Vietraveler, which is a tourism magazine.

The magazine contains all that we need to know in terms of traveling, such as reviews of numerous famous destinations, tips to save money when traveling or what we need to prepare for a trip. Besides, at the back of the magazine, there are a few discount coupons for some particular domestic tours which are run by tourist companies.

Always, when a new issue is published, I get it delivered to my house by post. Actually, I have been a subscriber to this magazine for almost 5 years and I fully intend to carry on reading it. As all the information in it is arranged logically, therefore, I find it quite easy to locate every article that interests me. In addition, I highly appreciate the quality of the magazine’s contents. The attractiveness of the glossy photos and the high standard of journalism are just two of its outstanding features.

As a final point, I would emphasize that I usually depend on this magazine to plan a good trip or suggest one to my friends.


  • discount coupons: [noun] small pieces of printed paper that gives you the right to buy something at a cheaper price than normal.
    Example: I cut the discount coupons out of the newspaper and used them to buy an Iphone at a reduced price.
  • run: [verb] provided and made available to people.
    Example: The school runs special courses for teenagers during the summer.
  • issue: [noun] one of a regular series of a magazine.
    Example: In the last issue of the magazine, there is an article about restaurants in Hanoi.
  • subscriber: [noun] a person who pays money – usually once a year – to receive regular copies of a magazine or newspaper.
    Example: The number of subscribers to the magazine has now reached 10,000.
  • fully intend to: [adverb+verb] to have a definite plan about something which you will do.
    Example: If I don’t go on holiday this month, then I fully intend to take a holiday next month.
  • carry on: [phrasal verb] continue.
    Example: Even if I pass the exam, I fully intend to carry on studying English to an advanced level.
  • glossy: [adjective] smooth and shiny, so as to look real and attractive.
    Example: The shiny paper used in glossy magazines is very expensive, so the magazines too are always expensive.
  • outstanding: [adjective] extremely good and very important.
    Example: The outstanding tourist attraction in New York is the Statue of Liberty.


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