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Describe a photo that you are proud of

Describe a photo that you are proud of

You should say:

– Who/What did you take a photo of?
– When did you take this photo? 
– What is the photo about?
– Why do you feel proud of the photo?

Sample band 7.5:

Photographs capture moments in time that may be cherished forever. Every moment of significance in our lives is documented with photographs for posterity. Everyone has pictures documenting memorable experiences and accomplishments. In this piece, I want to share my thoughts about a shot I took and found quite satisfying.

This picture was taken during the commencement ceremony when I was presented with my diploma by our esteemed prime minister. All of the campuses felt privileged by his attendance at our convocation. Everyone was looking their best for the picture taken after we received our diplomas. Due to my status as class valedictorian, I was placed front and centre, with the chief minister standing directly to my left. When I look at this picture, I’m transported back in time to the days when I cared deeply about my education. The fact that this picture captures the greatest day of my life gives me a sense of immense pride. Our institution informed us that the chief minister would be present at the convocation. The chance to speak in front of my friends that day meant I could give a speech I had spent a lot of time crafting, and it felt a lot like a goodbye. 

On that day, I was able to view all of my classmates in one photo. I realized then that this uprising would go down in history as something really remarkable. Just glancing at this picture takes me back to my college days, which I now remember fondly because of my professional and personal achievements. This picture now hangs in my workplace as a constant reminder to push myself to new heights of success.

IELTS Speaking Part 3 : Photograph

2.1. Is it important to take pictures on anniversaries like family gatherings?

The evolution of cameras and phones has made shooting images so much simpler, and I don’t know about you, but I’ve become much more focused on taking photographs because of this. Once resentful of the time I spent on them, I can now see the positive impact that images may have on one’s sense of well-being. Especially on special occasions, when you’re surrounded by the people you care about the most—be it family, friends, or other loved ones—you’ll never forget the time you spent together. Seeing these photographs is the only way to bring back the emotions of the past. In addition, photographs preserve precious moments forever. This snapshot of time is one that you may look back on fondly in the future.

2.2. How to take a good photo?

To be honest, I am not a professional photographer and hence am not very well versed in the technical elements of producing high-quality photographs. As a non-professional in the field of photography, I can state that a good image requires a decent camera, tremendous enthusiasm, the right lighting, an angel, and a fantastic item. To get that perfect photo, you may need the high price tag that comes with a high-quality camera. I can speak from my experience when I say that a person with a strong camera can shoot excellent images. As an added requirement, you should have a genuine interest in photography. In addition to composition, lighting is a major reason why skilled photographers would wait for hours to snap a single image. A photograph’s quality depends on several factors, including the subject matter, the composition of the frame, and the photographer’s skill.

2.3. Storing pictures has become much more convenient on the Internet. What are some advantages of this? Do you use any digital photo sharing or storing service? Which one?

The Internet certainly makes it easier to have photos on hand. In the past, individuals would print out their memories. They also conserved the picture negatives also to print the images at a later time. But with the progress of technology, picture storage is easy today. Pictures uploaded to the web may be accessed quickly, unlike those that must be printed first. Someone may retrieve the selected picture from the digital storage anytime, share it with others, utilize certain editing capabilities and can do it all for free. My images are also included on my personal Facebook page. It’s useful to have a place to save the pictures as well. I also use my google drive and Flickr to keep the photographs and can view them anytime I need.

2.4. Why are selfies so popular these days? Do you like to take selfies?

Selfies, or photos taken with the front camera of a mobile device, have exploded in popularity in recent years. Selfies are popular for several reasons, but perhaps the most compelling is that it’s possible to snap one by one’s lonesome. They have the freedom to strike whatever stance they choose and to include many subjects in a single photograph. The most crucial aspect of this method is that it is inexpensive. Its compact features make it ideal for posting selfies on microblogging platforms. Assuming the camera works properly, a well-taken selfie may turn out to be among the best images ever taken. Selfies have so gained in popularity. Also, self-portraits are a hobby of mine.


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