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Describe something you do/changed that saves you time

Describe something you do/changed that saves you time

You should say:

– What it is
– When you started doing it
– How you implemented it
– And explain how you feel about it

Sample band 7.5:

It is tough to answer this question since we live in a competitive era in which everyone is in a race to beat the competition and maximize their use of time. Indeed, I use several modest techniques for time management and efficient services, such as meditation, resting, and planning, but I have realized that digital payment is a remarkable innovation that saves me a lot of time and money.

One of my friends advised that I convert to digital payment since it is safer and more convenient than the conventional offline method, which I was required to use whenever I made a purchase or paid a bill. He suggested downloading the Google Play app on your mobile device and utilizing it for every purchase. Now that I’ve learned how much time this digital payment option may save, I often use it.

Specifically, why do I use it so frequently? It saves time since it removes the need for me to leave home to clear my bills. Simply stated, I do nothing except remain at home and squander money when I might be earning money somewhere. Moreover, this is the most secure payment option since our credit card information is protected by many layers of security at Google.

I believe that utilizing digital or cashless payment methods has numerous benefits. In addition to the time saved by not having to carry cash, there are other benefits, such as the chance to win prizes, discounts, and other special offers. If I were to explain how I felt after using it, I would say that I am relieved and at peace since it has enabled me to recapture time. Since I am the oldest child and am responsible for all household duties, it used to be a tremendous inconvenience for me to physically go to places and pay cash for items such as electricity billsphone billsand reservations.

Using this internet platform, it is now much easier to process a payment in less than a second, which was the only safe method of sending money during the covid epidemic. To save time and money, I often maximize my digital payment alternatives in this manner.


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