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Describe a place full of colour that you remember going to (Band 9 Model Answer)

1. Full of Colours IELTS Speaking Part 2

Describe a place full of colour that you remember going to

You should say:

  • Where was this place
  • Why did you go there
  • What did you do at this place

And say why you remember this experience

Model Answer :

I remember during my childhood that family loved going for scenic drives in the countryside.  On weekends we were usually all free and ready to do something nice together.  We’d all hop in the car and drive around on quiet windy roads and stare out at the picturesque landscape. The best time to do that was usually in mid-Autumn towards the end of October. I grew up in a place that has a pretty temperate climate and during that time the leaves changed to become magnificent colours. The forests not too far away from my home were especially colourful due to them being full of red maple trees.

They really deserved that name because the leaves on those trees at that time had such a rich mixture of colours, including bright gold and intense reds and yellows.  Most of the time was filled with just driving around and staring out of the car window. However, we sometimes stopped and did other things. One thing was hiking around on clearly marked forest trails in the wilderness. I really enjoy the outdoors and all of its splendours. Oh I can’t forget to say this. The best bit that  I remember doing, when I was pretty small, was jumping in the crunchy leaves and breathing in the invigorating fresh air. Of course, it was a bit cooler then, so we had to dress in layers. 

The small towns that we also passed through were also very charming and had good places to occasionally stop in. I remember once we stopped at a bakery and bought some home made food to have a picnic outside.  There is nothing like eating freshly made pumpkin pie while being surrounded by the dazzling display of colours. I guess you can say that I am very fortunate to see a lot of the beauty that nature offers. There was about a month long of quality autumn leave viewing near my old hometown. I really loved seeing the spectacular hues during that season. Thank you. That’s all I have to say. 

2.Full of Colours IELTS Speaking Part 3

  • What colours are commonly used for the decoration of peoples homes?
  • Can colours have any influence on people and their mood?
  • What colours are important when people buy things?
  • Is colour really important in advertisements?
  • Are pictures in textbooks really important?

Model Answer :

1. What colours are commonly used for the decoration of peoples homes?

It seems to me that it can depend on the age of the home. Older homes that haven’t been renovated in awhile tend to have duller colours. I’m not sure why, but grey seemed to be a pretty popular colour back them. However, nowadays, it seems that people enjoy using different colours for various rooms. Kitchens tend to be brighter with the use of colours like yellow and orange. Living rooms, on the other hand, use more comfortable colours, such as soft blues and greens. Oh, and the ceilings are often painted white. I guess that colour helps make rooms appear like they have more space. 

2. Can colours have any influence on people and their mood?

I’m not a psychology expert but I believe that I have heard somewhere that they can. I heard that some colours are seen as relaxing while others can increase energy levels. I think that’s why softer colours are now used more in rooms where people relax, such as the bed room and living room. Whereas, in the morning people head straight for the kitchen and dining room and want to socialize and wake up with a fresh brew of coffee. Therefore, it’s not so surprising why some energy-boosting bright colours, such as orange and red, are often used in those rooms. 

3. What colours are important when people buy things?

Well I guess that the colour depends on what the person is buying. Obviously people who shop for groceries will choose the matching colour for ripe fruit, such as yellow for bananas, and orange for oranges.  However, for something like clothes, people have a wide range of preferences, and they often choose the colour they feel that will be the best match for them and their other clothes. For more expensive items, like cars, people’s personality may show the most here. People who are more conservative and safety minded may go for a solid colour like blue. Whereas a risk taker or someone who likes attention may go for red or yellow. 

4. Is colour really important in advertisements?  

Well, it’s obvious that colour can have a tremendous psychological impact on people. For instance, I’ve heard that most people like the colour blue, so it’s not surprising that it is used in a lot of advertisements. And the colour green seems to be the in thing now, that is now that people are more concerned about their health and environmental issues. So a product wishing to portray that may use this colour in it’s advertising. Another thing is that some colours are just eye-catching. It’s no wonder that most for sale signs use the colour red since people are bound to notice that colour. 

5. Are pictures in textbooks really important? 

Hmm. Is it really important for textbooks to use pictures? I suppose that there are many reasons why course books use them. People say that a picture often says a thousand words and I believe that to be true. Using illustrations helps to aid in the learning and may be more effective than just describing something.. Also, there are different types of learners and some appreciate seeing it rather than reading it. And don’t forget that having a little bit of variety can also help to engage learners. Another thing is that course books also have to compete with other ones to be sold. Therefore,  a dull book without photos or pictures has a greater chance of not being chosen.


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