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Describe a place you visited

You should say:

  • where it was (or is)
  • when you visited it
  • what it looked like

And explain why you visited it.


Band 8 Sample

The fast pace of modern life in the city can be too much for an introvert like myself and I sometimes really need some time to retire into my shell and have a little retreat. Fortunately, I found the perfect little place called “Secret garden” which I am going to share with you now.

“Secret garden” is a garden themed coffee shop located on the rooftop of a building in the centre of Hanoi. The café is well-known for its floral and botanical inspired design, which gives you a sense of peace and tranquillity while being able to enjoy some cake and coffee at the same time.

I have become a frequent guest there and usually go on the weekend. My favourite activities in this coffee shop are reading books while listening to relaxing instrumental music, having a warm cup of tea with cookies or just simply sitting in the exterior garden and enjoying the view.

Despite being popular, the coffee shop’s still able to manage a quiet and soft atmosphereThe setting is perfect with relaxing music, and the staff are really well-trained and cater to the guests’ needs quite well. Also, other guests there are usually quite respectful and generally don’t disturb other people by talking or laughing too loudly.

It’s rare to find a place like this in Hanoi and I always recommend it to my friends who need a break from the busy city life.

Vocabulary highlights:

  1. fast pace – high speed
  2. introvert – someone who prefers to be quiet and spend time alone rather than speak with people often
  3. retire into my shell – to spend some time alone
  4. retreat – to go to a quiet place to escape from something
  5. themed – related to a certain idea
  6. floral – made of flowers
  7. botanical – of plants or trees
  8. tranquillity – calm, peaceful and quiet
  9. instrumental music – music that does not have any words or lyrics
  10. exterior – the outside
  11. atmosphere – the feeling of the surrounding area eg. quiet, peaceful atmosphere
  12. the setting – the place or room
  13. rare – very uncommon

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