Describe an important conversation that has brought a positive change in your life

Describe an important conversation that has brought a positive change in your life.

You should say:

  • Whom you have had this conversation with
  • How long this conversation was
  • Why you had this conversation

and explain how this conversation has brought a positive change in your life.

Model Answer: 

Thank you for this great topic. It was a time when I had just completed high school. So naturally, it was time for me to decide in which direction I should pursue my file. So I went to my father for his advice as he, in my opinion, could really help me out.

My father does not rush about anything. So we started the conversation at a slow pace and he knew I was up to something important. We talked about many options, like “business studies” if I would want to do any corporate or bank job. If I would want to be a teacher, then I should go for art, history, geography, even social studies. To be a doctor I should study medical science at a medical college in my country. We talked over all these matters for over a week and after that, I decided to go for the medical college.  

I was very glad to have this conversation with my father, or should I say a few conversations different times in a week, because it was not an easy decision for me to make. This goal requires a lot of hard work and determination. I have to pass the medical college entrance examination which is not an easy admission test at all. Only the most brilliant students with great academic results usually pass the tests. Not only that, after passing the entrance examination, I have to leave my homely environment and have to stay in the medical college’s dormitory which was a big step for me.

After I got admission to one of the medical colleges, all my hard work was paid off. At that time I felt so blessed that I had that conversation with my dad and he advised me the best. His words provided me with the direction which I needed for my life at that time. In fact, the conversation helped me realize the fact that to live a quality of life, we should have a successful career and doctors enjoy one of the best and most respected careers in my country.