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First Mobile Phone

You should say:

  1. What difference has it made in your life
  2. How did you get it
  3. Who gave it to you


● Mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our lives.

● I got my first mobile phone when I completed my high school.

● It was a Samsung S2

● My uncle gifted it to me.

● Actually, he was buying a newer model.

● I had completed my 10th

● My parents would not buy me one.

● So, I was very happy when my uncle gave me his old one.

● I still have it

● It is black in colour.

● It is a rectangular phone and had 4.3 inches touch screen display

● It also has a calculator, a calendar, an alarm, a light and some games.

● Its battery backup is very good.

● I am very possessive about my Samsung phone.

● I never let anybody touch my phone.

● I use an Airtel prepaid connection with it.

● I have to pay for it from my pocket money.

● So, I use it very frugally.

● I play tetris on my phone.

● I also use the phone to send SMS to my friends.

● Sometimes I use the calculator and sometimes I listen to FM radio on my phone.

● It is a very sturdy phone.

● Many times it has fallen from my hands, but it did not break and works perfectly well.

● It has a camera of 5 megapixels on which I capture some photos of my friends and family.

● I click many selfies with it.

● I use many applications like whatsap and facebook to stay connected with my friends.

● There are many newer models now, but I am happy with it.

● I will buy a new cell phone only after I go abroad for my higher studies.

Part 3 – Follow Up Questions

1. Do most people have mobile phones in your country?

Yes, most people have mobile phones in my country. The smart phones have become very affordable and the government is doing a lot to make the Internet access available through cellphones to even the remotest parts of India.

2. Does the use of cellphones cause any problems to others?

Yes, cellphones can cause problems to others. For example, when people use their cellphones in places like libraries, hospitals, classrooms, etc., it leads to a lot of disturbance. These days it is very common to find people talking loudly in buses, trains, and other public places, which is also a cause of disturbance.

3. What do people use cellphones for?

Cellphones have become an indispensible part of our lives. People use cellphones for various purposes, like paying bills, making train/bus/air reservations, booking movie tickets, social networking, entertainment by playing games, watching movies/TV shows, and so on.

4. What are the advantages of having a mobile phone?

There are numerous advantages of having a mobile phone. We can remain connected with our family at all times. It can be used to check work emails, when not in office. Students can use cellphones to research for their assignments and studies. Mobile phones are used to pay bills, make reservations, do online shopping, for online banking, and many other such purposes. This invention has made our life very convenient.

5. Are children allowed to use mobile phones in your country?

Yes, unfortunately many children can be seen using mobile phones these days. Parents let children use mobile phones to play games and watch videos, to keep them occupied. However, children are not allowed to use cellphone at schools and colleges, so that discipline is maintained at these places.

6. What are the effects when someone is making a lot of noise by using a cellphone in a public place?

When someone is making a lot of noise by using a cellphone in a public place, I think it is a nuisance. Especially in places like hospitals, places of worship, libraries, classrooms, etc., it leads to a lot of disturbance and is annoying. People need to be considerate when using cellphones in public places, so that it doesn’t lead to disturbance.

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