Describe an important skill which cannot be learned at school

You should say:

  •  What the skill is
  •  Why it cannot be learned at school
  •  Why it is important
  •  How we can learn it

Today I would like to talk about making presentations, which is a skill that I learned from my mentor who used to encourage and give me many pieces of sound advice.

It was about 3 years ago, when I was studying in an English language center in order to improve my English skills to a higher level. During that time, my peers and I had many opportunities to make presentations in English under the guidance of Jimmy, who is a born presenter and is head and shoulders above everyone else in teaching students how to speak in front of the crowd. At first, I was faced with various obstacles when speaking in front of my classmates, especially the first time because I had butterflies in my stomach, so I really struggled with speaking in front of a lot of people confidently, and I even suffered from failures. However, I gradually overcame the difficulties and got the hang of it, and things became easier for me since then.

As for why this skill is essential, I believe that when studying at universities or working in companies, people have to speak publicly on a frequent basis in order to prove their ability in their study or their work. Therefore, by watching YouTube videos or going to learning centers, learners can improve their presentation skills to a higher degree.

Vocabulary highlights:

  • Peer: a person who is the same age or who has the same social status as you
  • Under the guidance of somebody: to be guided by somebody
  • A born presenter: someone who is really good at making presentations
  • Head and shoulders above everyone else: to be better than everyone else
  • Have butterflies in my stomach: have a nervous feeling
  • Get the hang of it: to learn to handle something with some skills
  • On a frequent basis: to do something frequently

From: ielts-share.

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