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Describe an occasion when you were scared

Describe an occasion when you were scared

You should say:

  • When and where it happened
  • Who you were with
  • Why you were scared
  • How you felt about it


Life is full of experiences. Some are sweet that make you happy while other incidents are sad and you don’t want to remember them often.
There are some moments in life that really scare you when they happen. You are frightened at that time but years later when you think about the event it seems normal.

Here I am going to narrate an incident when I learnt to drive a four wheeler, a car
It was 5 years back when I started driving on my own but initially I just had a Learner’s licence.
One fine day my cousin who is older than me visited us and we both decided to go to the market to bring some groceries.
I was allowed to sit behind the wheel with a co driver. I was happy to show off that how I can negotiate through the thick traffic too.
parked my car smoothly in front of the shopping centre near my house.
The frightening incident occurred only when we returned to the car and stuffed the boot with all the shopping bags .We both sat inside the car but as soon as I released the handbrake the car slid back and hit something.

I immediately went to the rear of the vehicle to inspect and to my disappointment I saw a barbed wire stuck in the rear of the car.
There were fine scratches also on the rear of the car
This made me scared to death as I was certain that my father would be furious at me because he loved the car more than anything.
I drove the car very carefully on my way back and parked quietly in the garage of my house.
I went straight to my mother and confided in her. I narrated to her how it happened.

She gave me the best advice of my life.
She told me that if I tell the truth then I wouldn’t have to remember later what I said. To hide one lie, I would have to make up so many more.
So the next moment I went to my father and told him what had happened and to my amazement he laughed and said that it is a part of learning process .He further added that he was proud of my honesty.

Part 3 – Follow Up Questions

1. Is it ok to frighten others?

I don’t think it is okay to frighten others because sometimes it might cause harm to others like if we frighten old people, it could have severe consequences like heart attack. Children also might get scared and it will be difficult to make them understand or comfort them.

2. How do people usually get frightened?

It depends on person to person. Some people are frightened when they have done something wrong, and they don’t want to be caught. Some people are frightened because they do not want to make mistakes in their lives and they want to be perfect.

3. Do children like to scare others?

Yes children love to scare others. When they are playing ‘Hide and Seek’ they want to startle their playmates. Children are very innocent they feel that they are very powerful when they scare others. So it is good to encourage them when they scare you, it builds their confidence.

4. Why is it easy to scare some people?

it is easy to scare some people because they lack confidence .Moreover there might be some others who have had bitter experiences in their life ,so they feel scared at every small incident.

5. What should people do when they feel scared?

Well honestly I think you should scream when you feel scared because if there is somebody who is trying to intimidate, if you raise an alarm the nearest person who can help you will run to your aid .But my mother says you should always remember God The Almighty whenever you are scared.


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